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1. Lipstick - July 6, 2012

Hey Mitchell, how are things? I tried to comment on the crochet entry but things are closed down tighter than a frog’s bum. (taken from an ooold Tom McClintock campaign ad)

We’re in Orange County California now!

Mitchell - July 7, 2012

Yeah, I oughta do another post. Been some doings around here lately.

California! You’re in Enemy Territory! Whatever happened to the Texas relocation? Were you able to sell your place here in Vegas?

Norm - May 16, 2017

yeah, but nikki reminds me a lot of Victoria Justice! they’re both cool popstars!but if you’re dorothy, remember, have a really hard glass-clinnk with your friends when ma28inzee&#kc17;s around! (you’ll splash her with punch!)

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