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Down and Foreward May 16, 2008

Posted by Mitchell in Art.
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No doubt you were wondering what I was going to do between the red trees and the main figure.  So was I.

The Bloodtrees were on a little hill of there own and I thought about extending the grassy field over to the main dude.  Eh.  That would be lame though.  I started scratching around with my pencil, laying out some textures.  Hmm.  How about some broken ground there at the hill extending down to…water?  Hmm?  That would be cool.  But too hard maybe – water is tricksy.

I decided to delay deciding and went in with the brokenish ground at the base of the trees and around to the other side of the figure.  I did it wet-in-wet with greens and browns to keep it spontaneous.  Not bad!  It still needs some punching up in spots, but I liked the overall effect. 

I thought for a bit about the next section and decided to go for it.