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This & That February 21, 2009

Posted by Mitchell in Home.
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I’m feeling much better these last couple days so I’ve been back at work, once again a productive member of society.  I just got my sense of smell / taste back yesterday afternoon and it was most welcome.  I celebrated last night with a medium rare rib eye steak and garlic cheese toast.  Wonderful!  There are some lingering effects of the cold still hanging on but I’m confidant that I can declare complete victory over the Mucous Monster tomorrow.

So what else is up?  I filed my tax return a couple weeks ago (yay TurboTax!) and I got about $2400+ back this year.  Uncle Sam just posted the funds to my checking account a few days ago.  I was sorely tempted to go and pick up a new gun, but I decided that there is something else I need to take care of first – reduce my debt.  So today I wrote a $5,011 check to pay off my car loan a year and change early.  I always pay off my credit cards so the only other debt I carry is my house.  That one is a whopper though.  I bought in 2004, which while not at the top of the bubble it was nonetheless pretty far up. Properties in my HOA are listing about $100,000 less now than when I bought mine.  Sigh.  I’m now going to start putting my former car payment money into paying down the principle and generally seeing what else I can do to pay this thing off as fast as I can.

What else?  Ah yes – Warcraft!  I’m going to put up a new tab that will deal just that.  Generally though I must say it really is a lot of fun.  There is so much to do!  And the whole place really is gobsmackingly huge.  I tried recruiting Lemur King into the ranks of WoWers, but he has decided to decline.  I’m pretty sure I can get my sister into it though.  It’s a fair turn since she got me into one of Blizzard’s other multiplayer games a few years ago – Diablo II.  We’re both eagerly awaiting the release of  the awesome looking sequel Diablo III sometime (probably) next year, so we need something to bridge that gap.

So there ya go for now.  I’ll have some new posts up soon about knives and mugging so stay tuned!