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BEHOLD!! February 16, 2014

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Gaze upon The Cathedral Rose Window Afghan project!

At long last, it is done! I started this thing in January on March 1st of last year. So just two weeks shy of a full year to complete. I will note that I took a few months off to work on other things. I’m so happy. 😀

CRWAFinalOn to the next one.

Edit: uploaded a better picture. Clicken to embiggen! Oh, and now what to do with it? I have a wall space in my bedroom where I thought I’d hang it but I’m not sure how one goes about hanging something like this. Digging around on the interwebs other folks have pondered the same thing. One person suggested velcro. That. Just. Might. Work. I could sew strips of the hook side at the end half-circle sections and sticky the loop strips on the wall. I’ll have to take the TV out of the bedroom though. It’s not really a loss as I can’t even remember the last time I watched anything on it. Looking at this will be so much better than a big, black rectangle. *\o/*

In case you were wondering, this afghan is exactly seven feet across. That’s a LOT of yarn.

*Tap Tap Tap* Hello? Is Thing On? October 7, 2012

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Yes, sort of – this place isn’t quite pining for the fjords just yet. I’ve been busy. Baby blankets aren’t going to crochet themselves you know. I finished off the granny square blanket this summer and started another one. The first blanket was sent off to number two niece’s number one daughter. Niece number one was preggers with son number one and recently gave birth. His blanket has been in the works since late August. I figured I should post an update since blanket number two is getting sort of close to finish.

This pattern is called “Bavarian Crochet”. I learned it from a book with some help from YouTube. I don’t know what makes it “Bavarian”. Here’s a detail shot so you can see the texture a bit better:

It’s a nice raised texture and it feels fantastic. Each color round takes two passes – the first is an eight stitch back post treble crochet decrease with a chain four before the decrease and after it with one chain binding all stitches. Then the second pass is done with eight stitch treble crochet shell increases (12 stitch increase on the corners).

You can kinda judge how big it is by the top picture – that’s a regulation size pool table it’s on. I have just four more color rounds to go. Yay!

Here’s a (poor) picture of the completed granny square blanket: 

I had better pictures but unfortunately the memory card I had in my phone took a dump and lost all my pictures. 😦

So what have y’all been  up to?