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Rootkit Hack Warning March 18, 2009

Posted by Mitchell in Science & Technology.
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Apparently there’s a very major security flaw in Intel’s CPUs and this vulnerablility to it is going to be published soon.  According to the people pushing this out into the public Intel has known about this problem since at least 2005 and haven’t done anything (or at least not enough) about it.  Go read that article – very scary stuff!

On another matter that I haven’t seen much outside of the computer security sphere is the Conficker/Downadup worm.  This is another nasty piece of work that the last time I checked had infected 10 million plus computers around the world since last October.  One of the things it does is block malware programs from getting updates to be able to remove it.  Another thing is that it’s spread with USB thumb drives.  I’m pretty sure my laptop got zapped with this one.  Right now it’s just spreading itself around but I saw a report that the security experts think it (or at least one version of it) is going to phone home to get new instructions to “do something” on April 1st this year.  What, exactly, that is nobody except the people who created this thing knows.  Could be very bad from all accounts though.

Happy computing!


I Want A Bail Out November 20, 2008

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Dear Washington DC,

I see that you now give away butt loads of money to whoever can cry a sob story.  Let me tell you mine.  My laptop computer at home is crapping out on me and now it’s really close to Christmas and I won’t have the funds to buy both a new computer for me and good presents for my family.  You see my problem.  In this day and age you really can’t get by without a computer and high speed internet connectivity in the home.  You just can’t!  Now I’m not asking you for billions or millions of dollars, nor am I asking you to pay for my mortgage.  No, I’m only asking for a little help with a computer.  About $10,000 ought to cover it.


P.S.  Oh, and I haven’t flown on any private jets or vacationed at any pricy and exclusive spa/resorts recently.  You know, in case that’s a factor in your consideration.