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More Christmas Music December 23, 2012

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It’s Christmas Eve-Eve! Time to get our e-caroling on!

This has long been a favorite of mine. It gets me right here every time:

And of course we can’t forget this classic:

Adventures In Advanced Yorling December 20, 2012

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Last Friday The Parental Units and I went down to Caesar’s Palace to try their uber-fancy new Bacchanal Buffet for lunch.  Folks, I’ve been to a LOT of buffets in this town and this one blows them all away. If you ever hit Vegas this is definitely one of the things to do while you’re here.

After that Mom wanted to go shopping for a particular purse she wanted so we waddled off to the Forum Shops. During our perambulations we came across one of the Peter Lik galleries there. If you don’t know who he is you can check out a sample of his stuff here. So yeah he’s a nature photograph guy. Very nice stuff. Anyway, one of things they sell there are called “Elements” which are small-ish non-limited edition pictures and they had a new 4-pack out for Christmas this year: “Zen Elements“. They had these four on display in one of the viewing rooms and I was just really taken with them and decided to get the set. I don’t normally make $500 impulse-buys but there you go.


Christmas Music December 15, 2012

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Lindsey Stirling has been busy. Enjoy!

This is a great one from The Piano Guys. Carol of the Bells has always been one of my favorites.

CHRISTMAS VACATION!! December 23, 2008

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Whoot!  I’m off for the whole week and I’ve been goofing around for the last three days.  I thought it was past time for some holiday cheer around here.  I love this song – it’s an old favorite of mine and I hope it becomes a favorite of yours too.

I’m still trying to find presents for the Parental Units so I’ll be out shopping today.  What do you buy for people who don’t need anything?