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AAY – Car Buying Part 2: The Financial Buggaloo January 19, 2013

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After much punching and crunching of numbers I’ve got my general total cost ballpark range. Happily this range extends to brand new 2012 or 2013 model RAV 4. And not the base unit mind you, but the upper end Limited edition. Sweet. This also extends to late model used luxury brand cars. Like…oh I don’t know…a Mercedes-Benz perhaps? “Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a Mercedes-Benz? All my friends drive Porches and I must make amends.” MB makes a very RAV4-ish small to midsize SUVs such as the GLK-350 which is exactly what my Mom’s car is. They’re very nice. Or even the M-Class which is even nicer. Some searching shows that yep, there are some around with 40-50 K miles in my price range. Welllll now. Isn’t that interesting?

First things first – financing. Money is cheap right now so this is actually a good time to finance a car anyway. I dropped by my bank and set in motion the pre-approval process. I have a good job, pay my bills on time so I have a great credit rating. I easily qualify for the lowest rate of 2.99 % on $25,000 loan. Time to find me a car.

I will admit, I do not have a lot of experience buying cars. In my life I’ve owned: Chevy Citation II, Ford Probe, Buick Regal (less than a month with this one – stolen), Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme, and my current RAV 4. I rode a motorcycle for a few months somewhere in there. I’ve owned more bicycles than cars (most of which got stolen). Two of these cars were private purchases, so not a lot of dealer haggling. This is also the first time I’ve even considered going with brand new. Yeah, yeah I know – IT DROPS $10,000 THE INSTANT YOU DRIVE OFF THE LOT!!!! ELEVENTY” or whatever it is. I eat the big depreciation crap sandwich going new, but…I get to be the one to put the important first few thousand miles on it and reap the low maintenance costs later on. I get to be the one who puts the weird smells into the car by knocking over the bong and getting stinky bong water into the upholstery. And so on.

But now we have the glorious INTERNET. The great All Thing that is the repository of all human knowledge. Well, a hefty chunk of it anyway. Surely there must be a site out there to help a fellow figure out what the scoop is on this car buying process isn’t there? Why yes – yes there is. Check it out: carbuyingtips.com. There’s a LOT of information there and the dude keeps it updated too. I start reading, and then I start putting together The Folder.

Adventures in Advanced Yorling – Car Buying Edition January 11, 2013

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So. Over the holiday weekend I brought my car in for long overdue servicing. The front brakes were shot, wheels all sorts of out of alignment and other whatnots. Total cost was in the neighborhood of 900 bucks. Then not too long after I notice steam or smoke coming out from under the hood. Service guy poked around and said, oh yeah – radiator is shot. And of course it some sort of special “dual-core” radiator that’s extra expen$ive. Basically it was going to be around another 800 bucks. Mmmf. This car is a 2001 Toyota RAV 4 with something north of 120,000 miles. It’s time to consider trading it in. I looked at another RAV 4 on the lot as I drove off and noted the MSRP. It’s a starting place to run some numbers and see what I can reasonably afford.

And so it begins. I really like the RAV 4 car design and I’m seriously considering another. This time I think I will buy brand-new instead of used.