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Where’s Mitchell? November 29, 2010

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I’m WoWing Again

Yes, sorry I’m very much out of touch with all things blogging lately. Most of my online time is dedicated to advancing new World of Warcraft characters in the Army of Morons guild on the Hellscream server. After giving it up in a puff of “meh” a few months ago I’m now right back into it. Why? Well, a few things.

Firstly, lots of things have been shaking up in Azeroth lately:

Yes, a new expansion pack is coming out in a few days. There have already been world-wide changes across the game recently with The Shattering. And even before this there was at least one major patch update that changed a LOT of the gameplay, mostly for the better I think and the latest has streamlined the questing quite a bit. One of the things that greatly annoyed me about the previous versions were quests that required a lengthy trek out to some distant section, kill some dudes or critters, come back to town to finish the quest only to be given another to go back to that area and kill slightly different versions of the dudes or critters you just killed.  That drove me nuts.  Yea verily much of the game simply consisted of moving your characters around from one area to another.  Another drastic improvement is simply being in the Moron Army guild.  Starting new characters is often a very tedious undertaking, particularly on a new server where you don’t have access to any of the resources you’ve aquired previously.  The other, more advanced players have been extremely helpful in their support of money, materials and most importantly questing assistance for the lower level players.  This makes for a much more enjoyable and considerably less “grindy” experience. 

So if you’ve ever been interested or stopped playing this is a great time to get into it for the first time, or back in the saddle if you’ve been away. 

Fantasy Stuff November 16, 2010

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First, if you play World of Warcraft (or have been considering it) you might be interested to know about a guild called the Army of Morons on the Hellscream server. This was set up by some of the folks over at Doubleplusundead. It’s a great guild and the everyone is really helpful.

Second, I recently bought the soundtrack to Conan the Barbarian and I’m really enjoying it. I also bought both movies on DVD and they should be delivered today. Movie night!

Thirdly, it looks like I’m going to have to start subscribing to HBO:

And yes, you DID see Sean Bean in that clip.

And finally thanks for all the gun advice!  Y’all are a great help!

Too Much WoW? April 5, 2010

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After nearly a year-long hiatus I’m back to playing World O’Warcraft.  It’s my sister’s fault.  I’d given it up because it had become too much of a pain in the ass to play.  In the game all the quest elements were too far away from each and I couldn’t afford to buy any of the Personal Transport Critters that helps make things easier to get around, or anything else for that matter.  It seems that they made Some Changes whilst I was away and it’s easier to do that stuff now.  My sororiternal unit has been playing for a while and has a rather high level character built up.  And she’s rich.  That helps a lot too.  So anyway, much of my last two weekends were lost to WoW.  If you noticed that I’ve been a bit absent lately now you know why.  Just this morning at work I caught myself thinking of work-tasks as “quests”.  That’s probably not a good sign.  I’ll have to think about this some more tonight as I level my dwarf.  Urp!  Gotta go – the boss needs some troll scalps for his TPS report.

World of Warcraft Update February 15, 2009

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I am still not able to connect.  I have done virtually everything that I can try to do.  There is one thing left and I have vowed to get it finally resolve one way or another.  This afternoon I called the store where I bought the computer and spoke with one of the tech guys there who himself has actually been playing WoW for many years.  He didn’t have anything else to offer over the phone but asked me to bring the computer in to check it out there.  So I unplug everthing and haul it down to the store.  I get the computer checked in and they hook it up at one of the workbenches with the input devices and internet connection.  He clicks on the WoW icon, gets to the login screen and types in his account nane and password.  BAM!  It instantly connects to the Blizzard servers and he’s ready to go.  So now at least we know it isn’t a problem with the computer or the WoW software installed on the computer.  All of my problems are completely external. 

So now all fingers are pointing to the cable modem as the culprit.  This seems strange to me since I have always had very reliable and very fast internet access with this modem.  But I am hooked into it using the USB port.  I can’t seem to connect using the ethernet port and this might be making all the difference.  Since I’m using a USB port, I am not making use of the Network Interface Card (NIC) on the computer and this might well mean that I am not trying to access the Blizzard servers throught the correct, authorized ports.  Hmmmm.  Now that I’m writing and thinking about this another way I’m now almost certain that’s the real problem.  I’m not making a properly secure connection and that’s why Blizzard’s servers are ignoring me. 

Anyway, I picked up another cable modem on the way back to the house because that’s what the tech guy at the computer store said I probably needed to do.  I can’t get it up and running until I call the cable company to inform them about the new modem and MAC address and it’s too late tonight.  I don’t know if they have any customer support people working on Sunday or not.  I guess I’ll find out tomorrow.  Stay tuned!

CrapWorld of SuckCraft January 10, 2009

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It’s near 1 pm on my third day of WoW ownership and I’ve yet to play a single nanosecond of the actual game.  I can click on the Play button and I’m taken to a gloriously awesome looking login screen that tantalizes me with what is sure to be even more amazing stuff and all I have to do is type in my user name and password.  Alas, every attempt is a miserable puddle of failure.  I cannot connect.  The user name and password is fine.  I can easily access my account information (the part where they take your money of course) and everything is fine.  I went through all of the troubleshooting stuff they suggest.  There is no problem with the firewall.  There is no problem with the modem.  There is no problem with drivers for the computer or modem.  Everything is as up-to-date as possisble.  I even did a trace route from the Windows CLI.  It is clear sailing all the way from my PC to Blizzard’s servers. I have checked EVERYTHING.  I.Can.Not.Connect.  This is utterly maddening and I’m near the end of my rope.

Maybe it’s a Sign.  Maybe I shouldn’t be trying to play this game anyway.

Yes, I’m feeling sorry for myself.  Frankly, I think I have every right to.  So there.

World of Patchcraft Day 2 January 9, 2009

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Still downloading patches – now with extra slowness!  One of the major big-big patches refuses to run on the WoW patch downloader program.  It keeps insisting that my firewall is being an asshole and that it’s not allowing it to run.   That’s total bull though – it is expressly letting it do whatever it wants.  I read through Blizzard’s help stuff online and not much of it seems relevant to my problem.  Finally I had to go with downloading a zip version from another file hosting site called FileShack.  I’m about 2 hours into the download and still have 11% to go.  Ah crap.  I don’t think I even have winzip on this thing to unzip it with.  That will be another download I believe.  So far this hasn’t been very fun.  The pictures on the packaging look really cool.  I just wish I could actually see them in the game itself.  Oh, and both of these days count as part of my “free month” of online play.  wheee.

On the plus side I think I’ve leveled up my real life character as a human patchidin so there’s that.