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Friday Trance – We Belong June 10, 2011

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Heard this one for the first time yesterday and it really grabbed my attention. Then I found the official video for it and that REALLY grabbed my attention:

Here’s another, longer version of this song. But since it doesn’t feature smoking hot women bouncing around in tight & skimpy outfits you can see why I put the other one at the top.


Morning Star – Best Trance Song of 2011 May 23, 2011

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Yeah, I know the year isn’t even half over. I don’t care. Nothing is going to top this one:

What an amazing voice that woman has. Blows me away every time. There are three other versions on youtube as well. Check them out if you liked this one. They will be available for purchase on May 30. Mark your calenders!

Trance Thursday August 26, 2010

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Actually this is a better version than the other one:

Right Back July 8, 2010

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I got nuffink.  For today anyway, but I will tomorrow so check back soon!  But for now you can listen to another cool trance song and ogle a pretty girl.  If’n you want to. The girl ogling I mean – that’s optional. Listening to the song is mandatory.

Right Back by Yuri Kane:

Trance Thursday July 1, 2010

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I haven’t put one of these up in a while.  Here’s a cool one I just put on the ‘pod – Amsterdam by Luminary:

As usual with the really good ones, there are a bunch of different versions out there.  Check them out!

Beautiful Things April 7, 2010

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More trance awesomeness!  Beautiful Things by Andain (Gabriel & Dresden Remix)

This one is one of the softer versions of the several out there.  I usually gravitate towards those.

A more visually interesting version for Lemur King, who has no sound on his thinking machine:

Trance Thursday March 25, 2010

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Even as we mull the relative immanent damnation or salvation of our country there is still time to pause and enjoy some of the cool things we have now.  One of which is a trance hit from a couple years ago – Who Will Find Me by DJ Shah featuring Adrina Thorpe.  This is the soft acoustic version, so even if you’re not a big fan of the heavier beat dance / trance stuff you’ll still like this one:

One of the things I like about this genre of music is the tendency for artists to make multiple versions of their best songs.  This one has at least seven that I know of, and I wouldn’t be surprised to find still other versions out there remixed by other artists as well.  I always enjoy listening to different takes on songs that I really like. 

Thanks for the visits and I’ll type some more at you later.

 The Litany Against Cake*

I must not eat cake.
Cake is the diet-killer.
Cake is the big-sugar that brings total obliteration.
I will face the cake.
I will permit it to pass by me but not through me.
And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its pudgy path.
Where the cake has gone there will be nothing.
Only the diet will remain.

*Apologies to Frank Herbert

Fable January 19, 2010

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I took the long weekend off and now it’s Tuesday.  Meh.  I’m still not feeling it.  But once I get out of the habit of putting up posts it’s easier to stay out of the habit.   Kind of like exercise.  So here’s a song Pandora kicks up from time-to-time.  I decided I liked it enough to go ahead and get the whole album from iTunes this weekend and I’m glad I did.  It’s a lot more tranquil than Audiophilosphy.  I’m not sure if it still qualifies as “Trance” though or if it falls over into “Ambient”.  Anyway, still good:

Ah, where would blogging be without Youtube?  A lot less youtubertariany I’m guessing.

Busy Day, No Time to Play… January 13, 2010

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But I do have a couple minutes to share a great song I’m enjoying these days.  Check out Audiophilosophy by nevarakka:

Generally speaking, I detest the usual finger-sniffers that typically infest the Youtubian commentariat but I do concur with this one particularly pithy assessment:  “holy fucking shit this song is nuts.”

Trance Thursday February 5, 2009

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I just heard this one yesterday for the first time and thought it was pretty cool:  Reflect by Maor Levi

Another one?  Why not?  This one is Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap.  I’ve heard it before, but now I know who actually did it and what the title is.

Oh, and youtubers who post awesome trance tracks fronted by pictures of pretty women?  Excellent work!  Thanks!