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Been Busy February 9, 2012

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Back On The Diet Train September 16, 2011

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Longtime readers know I developed type 2 diabeetus a while back and had to start doing all the stuff necessary to deal with that – medicine, blood-monitoring, diet, exercise, blah blah blah. I was actually doing very well and got my blood sugar levels firmly under control and dropped a significant chunk o’ me over the course of a year. I even something something number in my last blood test into the normal range. Which meant that the diabeetus was gone. I even stopped taking the medication. Then I went on vacation and gave myself permission to indulge and to skip exercise as a reward. Yeah. That was…unwise. I never re-established those healthy things and in the year since I regained almost all the weight. Interestingly my blood sugar levels still kept in the normal range though and I have none of the symptoms of diabeetus. I chalk that up to staying mostly away from the really bad stuff like sugary soda-pop and the like, but obviously I”m not doing well in other areas. Like fast food. It’s time to get back to doing healthy things again…but with a twist.


Yesterday Instaheh linked to this book on Amazon: Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight, and Find Your Path Back to Health. It’s 10 bucks on the Kindle so I went ahead and grabbed a copy. I started reading it yesterday. Currently I’m 30% of the way through. It’s written by a medical doctor and he’s convinced that modern wheat gluten is some of the worst stuff you can possibly eat and that epidemic obesity and diabeetus is closely related to vast increase in consumption of wheat products as promoted by the official USDA guidelines of eating less fat & meat and eating “lots of healthy grains”. He’s making a persuasive case that wheat is a whole system messer upper.

Why Wheat, Why Now?

There’s been kind of a building noise around gluten for a while. Lots of products are touting themselves as “gluten free”. There’s a whole aisle devoted to the stuff at Whole Foods I noticed. Mr Ace O’Spades asked a question a while back about this stuff along the lines of “Humans have been eating wheat products for thousands of years. Wouldn’t we have noticed a problem with wheat a long time ago?” Well, yes and no. Actually societies that turned to a largely grain-based diet did indeed start developing diseases and problems that they didn’t have before. But obviously not to the extent we’ve seen more recently. Previously people exercised a lot more than we do now just in the course of their everyday lives. That alone can mitigate a lot of things. But the real culprit (according to this guy anyway) is the advent of modern wheat strains that are almost in complete prevalence today. He’s saying that the genetic structure of modern dwarf wheat is very, very different from what our ancestors ate, and that the gluten from this stuff breaks down in the digestive system into compounds that humans were never designed to handle. And many of us are in fact NOT handling them very well.

Oh, and apparently you shouldn’t try to switch to stuff like breads and crackers that advertise themselves as “gluten-free” because they’re based on other starch-flours, which while not as bad they’re still doing bad blood sugar stuff.  I’ve still yet to get to how to identify all sources of wheat products in commercially produced food. Like is maltodextrin derived from wheat? Eh, it can be apparently, though that article says it’s gluten-free. The point remains that they use wheat-derived products in lots of stuff that don’t necessarily make themselves immediately apparent.

I’ll let you know how things go.

Charlie Brown! September 8, 2011

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Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown

Little Finland June 5, 2011

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AKA Hobgoblin’s Playground

I’m tempted to do the typical asshole-internet move and swipe a picture to post here but I’ll resist. Instead, just go here to look at some amazing pictures ->The Daily Croissant. And to think it’s just 2-3 hours drive from Las Vegas. Talk about a well-kept secret. I’ve lived here for 20 years and I only just heard about it last week. It’s starting to get a bit warm now so I’ll wait until the fall but I AM going to visit this place.

A FLYING CAR!!! June 4, 2011

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A. Flying. Car.

HT to Kevin Sorbo’s tweet

YouTube Kittehs! May 27, 2011

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I came across this from a Felicia Day tweet:


Which led me to this one:

That’s just flat-out cool.

Comets, Hopis & Mayans Oh MY! May 18, 2011

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Repent For The End Is At Hand!

Apparently we’re gonna get our planetary shit all jacked up by the comet Elenin. Or perhaps Honda. It seems we’re gonna get buzzed by two of these suckers at almost the same time around September or October this year. This is a new scenario I hadn’t heard of previously. The writer of that article also ties it to the whole Mayan calendar deal as well as a Hopi End of Days thing. I know what you’re thinking: wasn’t that Mayan calendar thingy supposed to happen in December 2012? Yes, well it seems that between the Romans & Popes screwing around with the modern calendars that calculation is a bit off. So adjust your schedules accordingly. Obviously the writer of that article has only a vague understanding of various astronomic phenomena he or she is describing and starts throwing around some sciency gobbledygook, but it’s an entertaining read otherwise. Of course your mileage may vary.

And then there’s that whole May 21st thing that’s just around the corner. It looks like that is when The Shit starts going down and the comet/brown dwarf/planet thing is perhaps the Grand Finale?  Hey, look at that – the two end times match up! Nifty. I guess we’ll know for sure if a whole buncha people don’t show up for church next Sunday and/or Aggie Sith stops posting at H&B eh?

***Update!*** Here’s a cool video to show how that’s going to go down:

In other weirdness – funky atmospheric phenomenon often reported proceeding major tectonic events. Scientists are maybe starting to get a glimpse at what’s going on. What does this have to do with the stuff above? Nothing. I just thought was interesting. Then again, perhaps it has everything to do with it.

And if that isn’t enough World Endy stuff for you, I also have Iranian missile bases being constructed in Venezuela, for those folks who like their Apocalypse to be more locally based instead of outsourced. Want more? How about The Black Death kicking off its comeback tour in New Mexico? And while they’re not quite a plague of locusts, we got a bumper crop of these noisy fuckers coming to drive us all nuts this summer.

All snark aside, between the economic stuff here and in Europe, the eternal wars in the Middle East and the very real prospect of it expanding to Israel should members of a Certain Religion of Peace get their way, earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, etc, etc, etc I’m getting extremely uneasy. I think 2011 is going to go down as a Very Bad Year. How about you?

***Update*** Oh, and Nice Deb has more on the Tucson School Board thing. Basically the Mexican version of the KKK (aka “La Raza”) owns that school board now.

At least we have a decent theme song for all this. Hit it boys!

Edjumacation Horrors May 13, 2011

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If you have a kidlet in the public screwl system you might want to take a few minutes to flip through their textbooks and see what’s being fed into their little heads full of mush. One mother woman did and and didn’t much care for some of the stuff she found. (Edited – she looked at a textbook a student at a bus stop had.)

Link fixed.

And then there’s a completely different horror going on there too:

The above was blatantly swiped from Mr. O’Flea.

Oh, and I’m off to see Priest in the theater today. Seems to be getting some mixed reviews but I’m going anyway.

Interesting Times May 8, 2011

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This evening I went out to dinner with The Parental Units for Mother’s Day. Yes it’s tomorrow but Mom wanted to do it early to avoid the official Mother’s Day crowds. We had a really good dinner at Carrabba’s. Afterwards The Parental Units asked me a question that rocked me back on my heels: “Would you like to buy our house? We’ll give you a good deal on it.”

As y’all know we’re in Las Vegas which is pretty much Ground Zero of the housing bubble. I bought almost at the very top, and they bought while it was coming down, but before the real crash so we’re all in the situation where we’re “underwater” and owe more than our respective houses are worth. Their place is much, much nicer, considerably bigger and in a hell of a lot better neighborhood than mine. A few months ago I was surprised when I found out that their mortgage payment isn’t all that much more than mine. Of course they put a lot more on the down payment so they don’t owe proportionally as much as I do. They like their house a lot and have done a bunch of things to make it even nicer but it’s a two-story house. They’re getting on in years and my Mom has trouble getting up and down the stairs with her back and leg issues. She really hates those stairs, but 2nd floor is where all her quilting stuff is and where she spends most of her time. Dad doesn’t care much for the stairs either. They want to downsize anyway; it’s just too much stuff to take care of.

Still, I can’t sell my place for what these homes are going for and then make payments on the remainder of my mortgage, and make the mortgage payment on what their house can sell for at it’s current price. I make a pretty good living, but not that good. No we haven’t run the numbers on that but I don’t have to. A quick mental swag easily shows that I’m not even in the ballpark. But…they really want out of that house and also to help me out of my situation. Basically they’re indicating that they’re willing to take a big enough hit on their house to the point that I can afford both of the payments. Yeah, they have the financial reserves to do that. In effect they’re offering to give me a hefty chunk of what they were going to pass on early. We’ll need to sit down and work everything out to make sure that this is actually do-able and the other details, but…yeah, I’m taking the deal. I’ll need every penny I can scrape and save though so any and all Yorling is right out for the foreseeable future: no more Saddleback Leather, and certainly no motorcycle.

They’re also throwing in the pool table. It’s a very nice pool table. And the house has installed library shelving that Dad put in. I’m still trying to wrap my head around this.

It Is Snowing Here April 9, 2011

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In April. In Las Vegas. This is nuts. Thanks Global Warming!