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My Christmas Loot December 26, 2011

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This year we all agreed that we all have a lot of stuff and we don’t need a lot more stuff so we were going to back off giving a lot of stuff. That said, I still got a fair amount of stuff. Here’s the run down of the minor stuff: some little kitchen tools, a nifty little book on 50 ways to make deviled eggs (I’ll post some of the more interesting ones), a pair of fleece-lined slippers (very comfy), a great little credit card/money clip thingy for when I don’t want a big wallet. Those were the “stocking stuffers”. On to the Main Features:

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Cool huh? I LOVE these buckyballs! I’ve been playing with them ever since I got home yesterday. In fact I went online and ordered three full sets in silver, gold and black. If you buy two sets from Thinkgeek they’ll throw in the blue sidekick set for free.

Then there’s the Big Gift. They weren’t supposed to do a Big Gift this year since they gave me the Kimber 1911 last year for this year’s Big Gift, but they did it anyway with the really cool leather knitting basket from Renaissance Art. Yeah, I know Mr. Art ticked me off earlier this year, but I shall forgive him; this thing is beyond awesome. Finely crafted leather goods covers a lot of sins. 😀

So how did y’all do?

Happy 11/1/11! November 1, 2011

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Apollogies for the extended absence, but the thugs in Arkham City aren’t going to pound the snot out of themselves. I’m sure you understand.

First up, I need to call attention to the this nice offering to the readers here from the owner of Renaissance Art:

Hi… this is Arthur of Renaissance Art. I just saw this. Thank you so much for your kind words. So, as a thank you I would like to offer readers of your blog only 10% off the base price of anything on my site thru Friday of this week (including the leather knitting basket), Nov 4th. Just enter the coupon code; ANOMALY

Btw.. anyone who calls will talk directly to the craftsperson who will be making their stuff.

Take advantage of this if you can! I can’t praise the quality of the materials or the craftsmanship enough. The journals I’ve bought are absolutely fantastic. I like them so much I turned around and bought another one. Christmas is just around the corner folks!  EDIT: Link added per Lemur King’s suggestion. Also I registered with my email address under the “Specials and FREEbies” and got a special code for a “New Writer Bundle” that I used for my first order. You get the medium Recession refillable journal, a nifty Lamy rollerball pen, free initials on the cover and free shipping on that item. It’s a pretty good deal and they don’t spam you with a lot of stuff either.

Halloween Pumpkins

The pictures are kinda meh and the pumpkins were rushed. I always forget how long these things actually take even for simple stuff.

After I started getting into the teeth I really wished I’d done a different design.

3 AM Chili

After reading this post last week at Hookers & Booze I was inspired to make a pot of chili my own, with a few tweaks. I ditched the corn and greanbeans, used 2 lbs of cubed stew meat instead of ground beef, used 1 can each of kidney & pinto beans, and used two cans of Rotel tomatoes. Other than that I stuck pretty closely to the recipe as given over there. Oh and I used a crockpot instead of doing it on the stove. The results were quite excellent! I admit that in the past I used the grocery store seasoning packet, but this mixture is certainly going to replace that. If you go the stew meat / crockpot route figure on at least six hours until the meat is sufficiently tender, but eight hours is better.

Saddleback Leather Has Competition October 8, 2011

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Y’all know how I lubme some SBL, but I just found out today that this place exists: Renaissance Art via Twitter. The guy that runs the place just started following me and so I checked out his site. Wow.  That’s some NICE looking leather stuff right there. Dammit. I’m already not looking forward to my credit card bill. His stuff isn’t quite in direct head-to-head competition as RA seems to focus more on the book binder aspect and SBL is definitely heavier into the bag side of things. But still, check out THIS baby: Adventurers Satchel. That’s just flat-out gorgeous right there. And it’s definitely in the SBL tradition of no snaps or zippers & crap like that. Oh man, there’s just too much good stuff there. I’m torn. Should I get the artist’s Sketchbook or perhaps go with the refillable Journal? They both use Arches paper. The journal has pocketses too! Oh hell, who am I kidding? I’ll certainly wind up getting one of each. Ooo! and the have end-papers! Check out the end-paper options. Double-plus classy. Oh yeah, this place is DEFINITELY going into the Cool Places list. Happy shopping! Christmas is just around the corner!

Hat Vest Update October 4, 2011

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The Hat-Guy Gary & I had a couple e-mails back and forth and we now have a price. He also mentioned they can do one in other colors too. Other…colors? I knew they at least made them in brown. I asked him what else they can do.

“In the nice finished leathers I have Brown, Black, Red, and White.  In suede, pretty much the sky is the limit in colors.  The Red is very nice leather.”

Huh. The suede leather colors aside, how cool would a finished white leather vest on a black top hat look? It will be a tuxedoed top hat.

Tuxedo. Top. Hat.

Are you kidding me? Of course I have to add that to the order. We have to do the arrangements outside of their normal ordering process so it will go in tomorrow. I can’t hardly wait to get them!

Christmas is just around the corner folks. A nice hat would make a nifty gift!

Hat Up September 30, 2011

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I dithered for a few weeks over  the new selection of steampunk top hats at Head ‘n Home. They all have their own wonderful qualities and I want them all. I can’t have them all. Well, I suppose I could, but I need to make some sort of gesture toward being an actual responsible adult.  But as usual I couldn’t really decide on just one, so I bought two. Even deciding on this was an agony. This one I knew I was going to have to have the instant I saw it:

Arronax Black

This thing is every inch of fantastic implied by the picture. I LOVE the wrinkled leather texture and the low crown makes it very wearable. The one knock on the tall top hats is that they’re a bit on the heavy side. Still, their fabulousity more than makes up for it. Which leads me to the next hat. THIS is where the agony started. Recall that I already had TWO black leather top hats that I bought from this place previously: the smooth and suede versions of their original topper. This was the previous incident where indecision was resolved with an application of money. When surveying the new selection the second hat I zeroed in on was the Red Vested Black. But I already have two black hats and now I’m buying  a third with the Arronax. I just can’t get another one, red vested or no. So the next one had to be one of the brown ones. Ultimately I decided on one that was as stylistically different from all the other ones as possible:

Century Brown

The Absinthe hat is also striped like this, but the Century is the only hat in the collection to use fabric as a design element and that was the deciding factor. I am very pleased with it and it’s a welcome addition to my menagerie.

As always clicky the pic for a link to Head ‘N Home for these specific hats. If you’re leery about buying a hat online because of maybe it not fitting right when you get it, let me assure you. Take a moment to accurately measure your head as they suggest and that will get you a pretty close hat match to your size. They have a really nifty sweatband sizing system that they send with the hats so that you can get the exact fit you need. I have seven of their hats now and they all fit EXACTLY. The steampunk hats have them front and back so they have even more sizing options.

After ordering the two hats above, I was still obsessing over that snazzy red vested hat. It has a pocket. I’m a BIG FAN of pockets. I want a pocket on one of my hats. Want? No, it’s not really a matter of “want”. I really need a pocket on my hat. Now that I know that a pocketed vest/corset exists for black leather top hats I MUST have one. But again, I already have two black leather unvested top hats. The basic design of the vested top hat looks a lot like the hats I already have. No, they don’t sell the red vest as a separate item. But…an email doesn’t cost anything does it? So I sent one (prefaced with a judicious amount of [well deserved] butt-smoochery) that asked if they would make and sell me a vest for one of my older toppers.  I got a prompt response from the Head Man himself that they would be happy to do so. He still has to work out the price for my special order but I’m sure it will be reasonable.

Enclosed with my order were some cards. If you have hat envy you can get a 10% discount on an order if you use code ENVY11  when you check out.  Just thought I’d pass that along.

Steampunk Toppers August 29, 2011

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OMG I’m Going To Be Sofa King Broke

Head ‘n Home hats have discovered the Steampunk phenomenon. I feel a profound disturbance in the Steamforce.


Hat of +5 to Awesomeness

This is just one example from 19 new styles. Click the hat and feast!

Do not balk at the price. I own several hats from this company and I love each and every single one of them. They make absolute top notch quality hats and they’re worth every. single. penny.

I’m gonna need another hat rack.

Survivalist Pack February 17, 2011

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I read this over at the American Spectator: A Lenny Skutnik Sputnik Moment and thought the author had a very good point about needing to be ready in case of a large-scale emergency. At the end he details the contents of an emergency survival backpack and I’ve decided that I’m going to do this myself.  Do read the article but I’m going to put up the contents of that kit here.

Also, I’ve decided to make my latest SBL bag into a tool bag that I’ll keep in the car.  I already know some of the stuff I wast in there: pliers, (needlenose and regular), screwdrivers, wrenches, duct tape, wire cutter, vice grips.  I’ll look around at Home Deeprot and see what else looks good. Please drop a note into the comments if you think there is something else that would be good to have too in either bag.

• A highly-detailed map of your area and a compass. You may think you know your way around, but the streets you know may be blocked. A map and compass will guide you around those obstacles. Any Boy Scout can show you how to orient the compass to the map and follow it to where you need to go. Don’t rely on cell phone GPS systems which, in a big enough emergency, may not function.
• Waterproof hiking boots, two pairs of socks, lightweight rain gear and a sweater or polar-fleece pullover to stay warm.
• Six or eight protein bars and two liters of water, enough to keep your energy up and keep you hydrated on your hike.
• Two dust-proof painter’s masks which may reduce the effect of a biological or chemical attack.
• A small flashlight and first-aid kit including a stretchable cloth bandage to brace sprains.
• A multi-purpose “leatherman” tool and a 20-foot length of clothesline.
• If your home is more than ten miles from your place of work, you need a poncho or space blanket to hunker down in overnight; and
• If you can carry it legally, a weapon of your choice be it a can of pepper spray or a pistol. (Don’t leave that unsecured in any office even during the day.)

Pappa’s Got a Brand New Bag February 15, 2011

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More Saddlebackian Leathery goodness:

This is the small satchel and it was one of Dave’s Deals a week or so ago. I just couldn’t resist. Actually I’ve started to regard these things as necessary utilitarian items rather than expensive indulgences. This thing will be great for an emergency first aid kit or tool bag. There was one of the backpacks in Dave’s Deals that I almost pulled the trigger on too. It’s gone now of course. Oh well, there will be something else there soon.

On another matter I took The Parental Units out for dinner last weekend and we visited The Golden Steer for the first time. This is a nice steakhouse that’s been around since 1958 – a thick slice of Old Vegas. The Rat Pack and Elvis used to eat there, among many other celebrities over the years. It was fabulous. Definitely equal to any of the other nice places we’ve been to here. If you’re ever in town I really recommend it. It’s on Sahara just west of the Strip on the north side of the street. It doesn’t look like much from the outside, but once you’re in it’s like you’re transported to another era; all the waiters are wearing tuxedos. Expect to pay a bit though – dinner for three was about $260 with the tip.

Christmas Hats December 1, 2010

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The fine proprietors over at Head ‘n Home Hats are doing a Christmas special of buy 2, and get a third one free!  That’s a fabulous deal and I’m extremely well pleased with the quality of the hats I bought from them previously.  It’s not advertised on the site, but you order three hats and enter the special code XMASHATS and they’ll take off the price of the least expensive one.  They even throw in the shipping for that hat too! 

Woot!  Hat yorling ahead!


I just saw this one and HAD to post the pic:

Pimp hat? What do you mean?


More Leathery Goodness August 1, 2010

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Lookit what I got y’all:

From the back:

Close up:

Is thing amazing or what?  This was given to me by Lipstick’s husband whom I met today for lunch at a really good restaruant.  Yes, given.  I offered money but Mr. & Mrs. Lipstick refused to take any.  At least they let me pay for lunch :-).  Thanks again y’all!  I really love this coat and I look forward to wearing it this winter.  Now I need to find a really cool hat to go with it.