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Acepalooza II – The Vegas Assault? August 17, 2007

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Hola Netamigos!  It’s been a while since I rapped at ya.

This September some Ace-O’Spaders are going to meet up in Boston.  This October Mr. & Mrs. Retired Geezer are going to come down to their old stomping grounds here in Las Vegas.  There are already a few of us Ace-holes here in town and I thought it would be a nice opportunity for us to have a little get-together of our own.  Bmac has said he’s interested, Geoff said he might be able to make it too.  I hope to get Sobek and Lipstick Dynamite on board as well.  That’s potentially seven people right there, not counting spouses and/or life-partners, mistresses, etc.  I hope to get the word out (beyond this place certainly) and who knows how many people might show up at this thing?

She’s Back May 21, 2007

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If you were skating around the right side of the blogorink in the earlier years, you may have hit a fast skid of ice called Rachel Lucas.  She had a couple popular incarnations before going dark, and now she’s popped up again.  Older.  Wiser?  Different anyway.  Check her out:  Rachel Lucas

G30ff 1s teh R0x0r!! May 16, 2007

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Geoff sent the check for the mathbook and packed a little something extra!

  Great Drawings

It’s a cool, little book titled “Great Drawings” and it has examples of, well, great drawings from the Old Masters to some of the early Impressionists.  

 Nekkid People

You know what the coolest thing is about being an artist?  You get to sit around and draw pictures of nekkid people (in public even!) and most people don’t think your some dirty perv.*

M & A

Check out a couple from those dudes Michael and Angelo.  Sw337!

Thank you sir!  I shall get the mathbook off to you tomorrow.

*Some people do think that, but they can’t say anything ’cause then they would be scorned by the general public for being “prudes” or worse – “dumb hicks who don’t know Art”.  This is Art dammit!  Not some sleazy porn!**

**The irony is that they are absolutely correct.  We are all dirty pervs.  Every single last pencil-pushing, brush-licking one of us.  Dirty pervs through and through.  I’m not sure how that respectiblity thing got pulled off, but off it was pulled.

The Man Behind the Curtain May 5, 2007

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Well, well – our favorite Garfield Ridgean posted his picture on his blog.  Go check out Dave.  He’s hanging up his blogging shoes for good this time around and he said he’s actually gonna delete the whole blog as well, so you better check it out now before he’s gone for good.  Hmm.  I thought he would be taller.  I bid him best wishes and good luck to him on his journey.  His presence in the blogoworld will be missed.

How About Art Nouveau? May 4, 2007

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The other night I started thinking about the next art project for Elzbth’s Whim Award.  I had strongly hinted that I could use some sort of direction for it in the announcement post, but Elzbth happily waved any direction away.  So now I have to start from a blank state.  Erk.  It’s one thing to pick up a ball and run with it, it’s something else to kill the pig, skin it, tan the hide, use the hide to form a ball, inflate the ball, and then place it so you can then pick it up and run with it.  Ah, well.

But then, sometimes you just happen to come across a ball.  Whilst idly pondering one neuron happened to bump another and a small spark popped – how about Art Nouveau?  I perked.  How indeed?  I’ve liked and admired Art Nouveau period stuff for a long time.  I’ve wanted to do a piece in that kind of style for some time too and this would be an excellent opportunity to try my hand at it.  Ah, but I would have to explain and show what Art Nouveau is, and what I like about it.  The Interwebberytubes of course provides all. 

Hmm.  After searching around a bit I find that I don’t actually care that much for a lot of Art Nouveau and many of its most prominent practitioners.  Check out the Artchive for a quick rundown of Art Nouveau and it’s selection of top artists.  Of all the artists featured there Alphonse Mucha is the only one who did work I consider typical of my ideal of “Art Nouveau”.  Here is one of my favorite ones:  SummerDance is another real popular one too.  Probably his most famous work is this one:  JOB.  Mucha’s style of Art Nouveau had a bit of a revival in the pop art scene of the ’60s.  Guess why?  Anyway, you get the feel of AN that I like and want to put into this piece:  the stylization of the human form, the emphasis on the ornamentation and decorative aspects of the composition, and the free-flowing lines that are one of the more distinctive characteristics of Art Nouveau.

So, I have at least a starting point.  Then, yesterday morning I had another thought out of the blue that would work quite well with the style I’m contemplating – Elzbth is, of course, the Queen of her blog.  She uses a crown as her WordPress avatar.  So, why not an Art Nouveau stylized Queen of Hearts (or other suit) playing card for her? 

Eh?  So what do y’all think?  Elzbth?

Attn Elzbth! April 30, 2007

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You have been selected as the next recipient of The Center of the Anomaly’s Annual Whim Award!  Congratulations!

At some nebulous point in the future you will receive an original, hand-crafted piece of Art by me.  The type and content of said “Art” is also nebulous.  The Designated Recipient (Elzbth) can, if she/he/it wants to, can reduce the nebulouositiness of both the future construction and delivery timeliness, as well as the type and content considerably if the Designated Recipient chooses to provide some sort of general advise as to the Designated Recipient’s interests and desires regarding the Award.

Or you can opt for the maximum nebulosity of the “Whatever I Decide” version.  It’s your choice. 

Thanks for your loyal patronage, Elzbth!

Enas Yorl

Another Has Joined the Blog Collective October 30, 2006

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One of the few people who still check this place out has started his own blog too.  Go and check out the big brain on Geoff.