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Been Busy June 20, 2013

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Here, take a look at this.

I'll take WTF for $500 Alex.

I’ll take WTF for $500 Alex.

More Christmas Present Suggestions December 6, 2012

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I just found out about these today: Eyelashes for your car. No, seriously.


Now I know what you’re thinking: do they come in other colors? Well of course they do. Next you’ll wonder if you can get sparkly eyeliners too. Don’t be silly, of course you can. Order them here: Carlashes.com Don’t be fooled by the cheap knock-off versions available on Amazon.

Next up, are you ever disappointed with your poo? Or know somebody else who is? They say you can’t polish a turd, but you can make it shine! Or at least glitter. BEHOLD! Tywin Lannister’s Poo-Bedazzler Pills!

No shit.

No shit.

Ehh, gold pills may be fake.

Don’t say I never did anything for you.

So…There’s That November 7, 2012

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Things are bad and now they are going to get worse. President Jarrett and her empty chair get to exact their revenge and rain hell-fire upon their enemies (ie the American People).  Some things to look forward to:

  • Oshithead gets all flexible with Putin and gives him our missile defense technology. Who will then share with his best buds: China, North Korea, Iran – and well, anybody else he feels could use it.
  • We get to explore NEW, vast holes of debt!
  • Amnesty for ALL the criminally trespassing illegal aliens! ¡Hola millions and millions of new dimocrap-voters! Be sure to sign up for food-stamps! Also, don’t bother learning the Inglés, we’ll just force our kids to learn the Español.
  • Iran joins the nucular club! Shrillery Clinton will personally give Ahmadinejihad his member jacket and give him a grand tour of the clubhouse. Yay! New member! Welcome!
  • Presdidn’t Jarrett gets to appoint at least two new Supreme Court Jesters who’s political leanings are somewhere to the left of Josef Stalin. They’ll be young ones too! Oh, we’ll get the benefit of their “wisdom” for DECADES to come!
  • We’ll get to enjoy the economic stimulus of buying new printing presses every couple of months to keep up with The Bernanke’s money printing demands.
  • It’s very likely that Mahmood won’t be able to resist playing with his nukes and he’ll prank-fully lob one over to Israel for the lols.
  • Since Israel is run by a bunch of unreasonable poopyheads they’ll probably grossly overreact and start some silly war over it. Maybe more nucular exchanges! Won’t that be exciting! Everybody get out your popcorn, Dubya Dubya 3 – War Hard with a Vengeance promises to be a blast!
  • Paul Krugman will helpfully explain why Dubya Dubya 3 will be so great for stimulating the world economy and why Oshithead was so brilliant in helping it come about.
  • Nobel Prize committee gives Oshithead the Nobel Prize in Economics! What other country has a Leader From Behind with TWO Nobel prizes?? That’s right – NONE! We will all be so proud!
  • Algore will explain to us how Nucular Winter is the PERFECT solution to Global Worming, and how Oshithead is a super-genius for coming up with such a clever plan.
  • Lamestream media to GOP: “Now witness the firepower of this fully ARMED and OPERATIONAL DNC propaganda station!”
  • Because of his policies, electricity prices will necessarily skyrocket.
  • NASA gets back in the space business on the back of electric bill skyrockets!
  • The EPA gets to explore vast, new regions of unrestrained regulatory power.
  • The American People get to look forward to not having to worry about retirement planning; we’ll all work until we drop dead or one of Obamacare’s wonderful Death Panel decides we’re no longer useful.
  • Finally, one day we’ll get tucked into our government-made hand-baskets (made from biodegradable, sustainable sources of course) and carried over the Bridge to The Future that was paved with liberals’ good intentions.


#SaveOurBalls August 2, 2012

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Hopefully that title will convert to a twitter hashtag.  If not it will be changed.

Recently the Consumer Product Safety Commission decided to shut down companies that make and distribute spherical magnets. This isn’t directed only the Big Guys like Buckyballs but also smaller outfits that I buy from like Zen Magnets. This is yet another trumped up  “product safety” non-issue that out of control governmental agencies LOVE to meddle in. Why? For no other reason than that they can I guess. Or more likely a personal vendetta from someone with clout in the agency. Whatever the reason it is a real threat. Amazon, ThinkGeek and other retailers have already yanked these products. These companies aren’t really all that big. They will die before they ever manage any “appeal” process.

It’s tempting to attach this to the general anti-business practices of the Obama administration, but this specific instance isn’t really that. This is just the Standard General Leviathan Roll. These huge & largely arbitrary governmental standard bodies aren’t really accountable to anybody and they rule at whim regardless of who is supposedly “in charge”.  Somebody goosed this particular mindless piece of million pound of federal flesh to move and it crushed. That’s what it does.

That’s not to say that “We” can’t “Do Something” (see recent developments re: Chik-Fil-A). Government agencies will pull back given enough public pressure, but only IF the public knows about it. So far few people know or care about this. It’s getting some notice here and there though, somebody from Buckyballs was on Rush’s show the other day as well as a link from Drudge. Hopefully we’ll get some steam going behind another push back.

Obama’s “Under The Radar” Gun Grab June 7, 2011

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We were all wondering what this was, and now we know. If the Senate ratifies this then the decline and fall of the United States of America into a despotic hell-hole is all but assured.

Edjumacation Horrors May 13, 2011

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If you have a kidlet in the public screwl system you might want to take a few minutes to flip through their textbooks and see what’s being fed into their little heads full of mush. One mother woman did and and didn’t much care for some of the stuff she found. (Edited – she looked at a textbook a student at a bus stop had.)

Link fixed.

And then there’s a completely different horror going on there too:

The above was blatantly swiped from Mr. O’Flea.

Oh, and I’m off to see Priest in the theater today. Seems to be getting some mixed reviews but I’m going anyway.

Cowboy Poetry March 8, 2011

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For Harry

Your politics are pure Communist Red,
My poems are faded cowboy denim blue.
Now give me some sweet taxpayer money you evil old bastard.

I Am A Ray Of Freakin’ Sunshine February 23, 2011

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In the previous post Geoff tries some strategic optimism in the comments to help get me out of my “panic”. However, as I gaze into my dark, little crystal ball I have deep forebodings.

In the middle-east we have nations falling like a bunch of falling things. The latest of which has an ugly, oddly-dressed man who is threatening to torch his own oil-fields in a desperate bid to save his reign. Meanwhile in Egypt I think it’s likely that the government (and thus the Suez Canal) will fall under the control of the radical Muslim Brotherhood, who I think will use it to extort money from the Infidel nations. With either of these things alone the price of oil / gas will skyrocket. Both can easily come to pass.

I live in Not-So-Fabulous-Lately Las Vegas. This is very much a boom-town that had explosive growth from late 80’s to about a few years ago. For all of those years Vegas was very good at two things: filching money out of the wallets of the tourists who came here to party (and maybe get rich), and converting desert into neighborhoods and shopping centers. Those were the two very powerful legs of the economy here. One of those legs (construction) has been lopped off mid-thigh and the other one is hopping on the unstable national economic ground. Drastic rises in fuel prices will almost certainly sweep that leg. If that happens, Las Vegas will be devastated. This is a terrible place to try and weather any economic storm now, much less the hurricane that I think is coming.

In my own personal circumstance I have a fairly cushy and stable employment with a local quasi-governmental utility. The organization has long-term plans and will continue with them for the present which means steady employment for me. Of course, this was all based on models with only growth in the size of the city for the next 50 years. The picture becomes very different if the casinos start laying off people and perhaps even closing. Most of the people here came from somewhere else. I can easily see thousands of people flooding out of the city every month to return to where they came from and where they have family & friends. This will be a crippling blow to the organization’s revenue, and I can’t see that they will have any choice but to cut extraneous services (and departments) to preserve its essential core service and nuts-and-bolts infrastructure. My department is in the business of trying to get our customers to use less of our product and even paying them to do things to help them do this. Do you really think we’ll continue to do that in this scenario? Yeah, me neither.

On top of all this we have 0bama & Geithner’s bizarre financial gyrations and the Mt. Everest sized debt they are piling up. The Zero is already building his  high-speed WTF bullet-train to financial destruction. Yes, it’s nice that Wisconsin and New Jersey are trying to do things to take on public sector unions and whatnot. I wish them all success. And Yahoo! We have the GOP in charge of the House! Still, I get the feeling that it just isn’t quite enough.

I hope things don’t turn out this way. I really don’t look good in assless chaps.

New Blog On the Block January 12, 2008

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Well, I started another blog – Fat Man Blogging.  As you might expect from the title, it’s where I’m going to record my efforts to lose weight and related information.  Why another blog, when I hardly ever do anything with this one?  Because I can and it’s free.  Also, I want to keep a tight focus without a bunch of extraneous stuff.  I am going to try and keep it updated every day.  Drop by if you’re inclined!

Ace O’ Spader Moron Meetup October 19, 2007

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It’s still on!  I’m meeting Bmac and his wife at Club Charleston tonight (5740 W. Charleston).  They will be in around 6:30 – 7:00, but since it’s not too far from where I work I’ll be in around 5:30 – 6ish.  Sobek of IB fame has indicated he might be able to put in an appearance as well.  I hope you can make it dude! 

Everybody bring your pool cues!  Oh, and we’ll probably be playing on one of the larger tables near the left-rear of the place.  Ignore the dinky little bar pool tables you see when you first enter the place.  Go through the doorway on the right and you will see us back there.