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Interesting Times May 8, 2011

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This evening I went out to dinner with The Parental Units for Mother’s Day. Yes it’s tomorrow but Mom wanted to do it early to avoid the official Mother’s Day crowds. We had a really good dinner at Carrabba’s. Afterwards The Parental Units asked me a question that rocked me back on my heels: “Would you like to buy our house? We’ll give you a good deal on it.”

As y’all know we’re in Las Vegas which is pretty much Ground Zero of the housing bubble. I bought almost at the very top, and they bought while it was coming down, but before the real crash so we’re all in the situation where we’re “underwater” and owe more than our respective houses are worth. Their place is much, much nicer, considerably bigger and in a hell of a lot better neighborhood than mine. A few months ago I was surprised when I found out that their mortgage payment isn’t all that much more than mine. Of course they put a lot more on the down payment so they don’t owe proportionally as much as I do. They like their house a lot and have done a bunch of things to make it even nicer but it’s a two-story house. They’re getting on in years and my Mom has trouble getting up and down the stairs with her back and leg issues. She really hates those stairs, but 2nd floor is where all her quilting stuff is and where she spends most of her time. Dad doesn’t care much for the stairs either. They want to downsize anyway; it’s just too much stuff to take care of.

Still, I can’t sell my place for what these homes are going for and then make payments on the remainder of my mortgage, and make the mortgage payment on what their house can sell for at it’s current price. I make a pretty good living, but not that good. No we haven’t run the numbers on that but I don’t have to. A quick mental swag easily shows that I’m not even in the ballpark. But…they really want out of that house and also to help me out of my situation. Basically they’re indicating that they’re willing to take a big enough hit on their house to the point that I can afford both of the payments. Yeah, they have the financial reserves to do that. In effect they’re offering to give me a hefty chunk of what they were going to pass on early. We’ll need to sit down and work everything out to make sure that this is actually do-able and the other details, but…yeah, I’m taking the deal. I’ll need every penny I can scrape and save though so any and all Yorling is right out for the foreseeable future: no more Saddleback Leather, and certainly no motorcycle.

They’re also throwing in the pool table. It’s a very nice pool table. And the house has installed library shelving that Dad put in. I’m still trying to wrap my head around this.

I Don’t Need This January 15, 2009

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I got an email today from the online store where I bought some pool stuff earlier this year (pool as in the billiard game, not the splashing/swimming/Marco! Polo! kind).  They have a Lucasi break cue on sale.  Get out of here!  I don’t need no break cue.  I’ve never had a Lucasi cue but I played around with some in a store recently and they’re pretty nice.  Again, not that it matters – I don’t need one anyway.  Of course, some of you probably don’t play pool all that much and don’t know what a “break cue” is do you?  It’s a cue specifically designed for the opening “break” shot in a game of pool and it’s reinforced at the joint and tip for that really heavy powered shot.  Yup, it’s a cue you only use once per game.  That’s crazy!  Who needs that? 


And I don’t really care that the sale is for 60% off.  Really?  A $395 pool cue for $158??  Come on – I’ve got better things to spend my money on.  Heck, I still have to pay for Christmas stuff!  Well, no not really I guess.  I already paid those bills.  But still – I’ve got other bills.  Besides the shipping is gonna crank up the price on that a fair amount I’m guessing.  Let me check.  Aha!  See, there ya go – free shipping included.  Hm.  Well I’d need an extra case to go with it too, and who wants to go around carrying two cases?  Not me.  Of course they offer a free case to go with it.  Or I could upgrade to a two cue case for like 39 bucks more.  That’s actually a pretty good price.


Not that I’m really interested.  No sirreee.  Not.At.All.

I Got The Shaft July 31, 2008

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And it’s mine!  My own!  My…Preciousssssss! It was delivered unto me yesterday:  The Shaft of shafts.

I ordered it last Saturday and I ponied up another 20 bucks for 2nd day air shipping.  Sure enough it was out the door Monday morning and delivered at the office Wednesday morning.  They packed it very well and it arrived in perfect condition and straight as a ruler.  I brought my cue to work with me the last couple days so I could shoot som games after work and compare my original shaft with the new one.

First off, it fits perfectly on my Viking cue and assembled the whole thing is also perfectly straight.  This was my second major concern about buying this thing online and not being able to test it out beforehand.  Hell, I actually had a nightmare about this whole deal last weekend.  Secondly, the standard Viking joint on the Predator shaft is black and happily the other half on the butt is also black so it isn’t readily apparent that I’ve got something of a Frankenstein cue going on and it looks beautiful.

One thing I was kinda surprised about though was how much more slender the Predator shaft was compared to my original.  I knew it was going a little bit, but only by 1.25 mm according to the specifications.  Frankly I didn’t really expect so see any significant difference, but boy was I wrong!  Happily so, really.  The one thing I didn’t like about the Viking cue was that the shaft always felt a little thick.  The Z2 certainly solves that!

So, I know what you’re thinking:  “This is all very well and good, but DOOOD you paid almost $300 for half a pool stick!  Is it worth it?”  This is rather presumptuous of you isn’t it?