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A Family Heirloom April 22, 2014

Posted by Mitchell in Art, Crochet.

As I think I’ve mentioned elsewhere my parents are downsizing and are starting to distribute some of their stuff to the kids. As I’m the only one living in the same city & state as they do naturally it’s mostly flowing my way. Here’s one such item. You’ll definitely want to clicken to embiggen this one.

Vikcers Beadspread

This is a queen size crochet bedspread made by my great-grandmother as my Mom and Dad’s wedding present. Let’s take a closer look at her handiwork.

Vikcers Beadspread Close Up
That’s an amazing level of detail in these sections.

Even closer:Vikcers Beadspread CU

I think this was made with #3 white cotton thread, maybe with a size 2 steel hook. I have no idea how long it took. I’m only just now starting to get into thread crochet so I have just a tiny glimpse of what it takes to make something like this. It’s both humbling and inspiring.

It doesn’t show in the pictures too much but there is some distinct yellowing present, particularly around the edges. Next weekend I’m going to hand wash it in my bathtub. Have any of y’all ever had any experience in washing something like this?


1. Nicole - April 22, 2014

That is beautiful and the amount of work involved is staggering. I have some doilies made by great-great aunts and a quilt made by a great-grandmother, but nothing this intricate or involved. Amazing.

Mitchell - April 24, 2014

Thanks for dropping by! Yeah, very cool. I also have several doilies from great-aunts as well. I’ll try to get some pictures up this weekend.

2. jam2 - May 14, 2014

looks like your talent is inherited…. that’s a REALLY NICE heirloom!

Mitchell - May 18, 2014

Thanks! Although I don’t think talent is inherited, but interests certainly can be.

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