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The Morel Challenge April 18, 2014

Posted by Mitchell in Art, Crochet.
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Ok, so the basic design of these things aren’t hard – kind of like a…uh…Christmas tree. Yeah, that’s it. A cone on a stick, easy peasy. So I whipped that up in no time. Morels top out at about seven inches and that’s how tall mine is. Shroots aren’t appropriate here so it’s heavy footing time. One problem I encountered with previous heavy foots is that the bottom of the forms invariably dome outward, making them not as stable as they could be. I figured out a solution, which I’ll share. These are done bottom to top so when starting out leave a long tail. Then about the midway point after you’ve put in your weighting material pull that tail tight and incorporate into the rest of the form by weaving in that end. This makes a nice, flat bottom that sits easily.

Footed, stuffed and closed, it’s now time to do the hard part: the soft, sponginess. At first I thought I would just meander all over the top, working back and forth a few rows. Yeah, that wasn’t going to work. I settled on using some crochet thread I had lying around, made a long tape a bit over a 1/4 inch wide of few rows of single crochet back and forth. I then sewed sections of these tapes in a meandering fashion. It worked out pretty good I think. Check it out (clicken to embiggen):


I think it compares pretty favorably to the first example picture in the post below. Here’s a closer look at the texture:


It’s not quite done yet though. Next is to get out the airbrush and darken up those interior pockets and some light, warm yellows around the outside to make the folds really pop. I need some further instruction from Mr. King on this and he’s been a bit incommunicado lately. I hope everything’s ok.

Check back tomorrow, I have something really special!


1. Lemur King - April 18, 2014

You did it, you lunatic, you actually did it.

I have been out of touch, yes. Two weekends ago I got a norovirus and that ended in tears. But then mere days later (LAST weekend) I got a cold from Cruel Wife that is a total lung-shredding ass-kicker. I missed two days and had all I could do to do long days the rest of the week.

I never thought you would actually do a Morel.

What more instruction do you need? I can send you pics that are representative of what I saw for coloration of Oregon Morels (where I found them), but beyond that, your structure of one is amazing.

CW tipped her hat in kudos.

Mitchell - April 18, 2014

Oh good! You’re alive! Glad you’re feeling better.

You didn’t really think you could drop that on me and it not getting it picked up. This was the first time working with crochet thread and it was very interesting. Of course I had to buy a lot more crochet thread after this project.

As for colors, there’s quite the variation. Some are white outside and black in the sponge pits, some are distinctly orange overall and only slightly darker in the pits, some are completely pale yellow with practically no differentiation. Then there are those that are black on the ridges and lighter in the pits! So yeah, some direction on the one you want to have would be nice.

*Bows to CW*

2. Nicole - April 19, 2014

That is totally cool! Great job!

3. Lemur King - April 25, 2014

Mitchell, I am so sorry to not get back to you. Been still not-well and under the gun at work.

Here are two of the best examples I could see.

4. jam2 - May 14, 2014

cool!! you nailed it!

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