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A Larger Fungus Among Us April 5, 2014

Posted by Mitchell in Art, Crochet.

This mushroom form is of a mycena. There are several varieties but they are typically tall and spindly with a narrow dome cap. As I wrote earlier I wanted to get bigger.

Maximum Mycena

Cool colors no? I have some hanks of Noro yarns lying around and thought they’d go great with mushrooms. They’re famous for the brilliant color ways and interesting textures. They’re perfect for natural forms. They’re also kinda pricey too.

The mycena in the previous pictures was made with pipe cleaners to give it some stiffness. That’s not nearly enough to support this kind of structure so I picked up some steel wire in a couple of different gauges. This was made with the lighter gauge. This type of construction uses what I call “The Heavy Foot”. To keep the thing from toppling over the bottom is packed with pennies. I used pennies or sandbags in the bottoms of all the other mushrooms in the previous picture too. Still, it’s a delicate balance to keep this thing free-standing upright. While making this one I had an idea for an improvement and started another one right after. Now I’ve started deviating away from the instructions in the patterns I bought. I call this design variation the Mark I.

Oh, and no I didn’t make that doily it’s sitting on. That would be the work of a great-aunt of mine.

P.S. Interesting mushroom yarn-bombing.


1. fallfromgrace349 - April 5, 2014

That looks brilliant! 🙂

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