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Up Against The Wall March 28, 2014

Posted by Mitchell in Art, Crochet.

Well I finally got it hung up last week and I finally got a decent picture of it to show you. Clicken to embiggen.



110 Year Old Antique Organ for Scale

I used velcro strips and they worked marvelously. I bought five yards of the stuff and sewed sections of the hook side in a radial pattern around the middle medallion and near the edges, with long strips near the top for maximum support of the whole thing. The fuzzy side had the sticky backing that went on the wall. With the help of a couple friends we were able to position it and stretch it out. Frankly five yards was complete overkill. Velcro is VERY resistant to shear forces and the sticky backing is also very sticky indeed. I could have used half of it. Oh well, it ain’t going anywhere and that’s what matters.

Now onto other things. There’s an outbreak of fungal growth in the house that I have to deal with.


1. lucyannluna - March 29, 2014

Beautiful, love the blue, purple & turquoise colours

2. fallfromgrace349 - March 29, 2014

That is absolutely stunning. What a beautiful piece 🙂

3. Nicole - March 29, 2014

That is gorgeous!!! And such an inventive hanging scheme!

4. crochetthread - March 30, 2014

Takes my breath away. Absolutely stunning!

5. Mitchell - March 30, 2014

Thanks everyone! It was a fun project to do but I’m glad it’s finally done.

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