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AAY – Car Buying: Blahbitty Blah Blah… February 4, 2013

Posted by Mitchell in Home.

Sorry, I got bored with this. The upshot is I GOT A NEW CAR!!!

2012 Rav 4 Limited. BEHOLD!


Yeah, it’s a stock photo but this is basically what it looks like except mine has a moonroof too. I had three dealerships bidding for the sale and I got a decent price I think. According to my calculations it was a 3.4% markup over actual dealer costs. I wanted red but silver is nice too. I went with Warrenty Direct for the extended warrenty. Finance manager was shocked at the price I got (they were running a special discount for January, plus an extra $200 off if you paid in full). I am extremely happy with it and I LOVE the V6 engine.

Now I gotta get the old one spiffied up for sale.

One addendum: Car Buying Tips has a lot of great information, but a lot of it is aimed at people with less than bullet-proof credit scores. A lot of the hi-jinks you get warned about there and what I was expecting mostly didn’t happen. I felt like I brought gun to a pillow fight. Also, it’s interesting how different dealerships work with customers depending on how they get introduced to you. One dealership I actually went to the lot without prior contact to see how they were going to approach the deal. I got the high-pressure treatment almost immediately. Later emails and phone messages to the sales-weasel there weren’t answered. It was only after I emailed somebody else there that I got a response. They didn’t get the deal. It’s the second time I didn’t buy a car there. The lesson is: if you’re going to do the internet car buying route (which I highly recommend) don’t bother with the regular sales-weasels – go to the Internet Sales Manager.

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