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Vanity Plates February 13, 2013

Posted by Mitchell in Science & Technology, Science Fiction & Fantasy.
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So, a new car deserves vanity plates right? Of course it does. Here in Las Vegas they’re particularly popular for some reason. One of the…odder ones I’ve seen around town is IAMGOD. God drives a white caddy. Just so you know. Anyhoodledoodle, I’ve been trying to come up with something good. Given my current obsession with crochet stuff CROCHET would be nice but of course it’s already taken. CROCH3T is available though so that’s an option. Or I could go a different direction – a trip over to the dork side, if you will. Frank Herbert’s Dune series is one of my all time SciFi favorites. There’s a rich vein of possible plates. Holy crap! MAUDDIB is available! I would have sworn I tried it last week and it wasn’t. Hmm. USUL is also available. Or perhaps I could go with something more me-centric. MTCHMBL is available. I dunno, I read that as MITCH MOBILE but perhaps a most people won’t. How about MSTER M? If anybody has any suggestions you can try them out here NV DMV license plate tester and see if they’re available.

Oh, I tried another crochet-themed one: HAPHUKR (Happy Hooker) but…yeah, I don’t think they would have gone for that one.

AAY – Car Buying: Blahbitty Blah Blah… February 4, 2013

Posted by Mitchell in Home.
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Sorry, I got bored with this. The upshot is I GOT A NEW CAR!!!

2012 Rav 4 Limited. BEHOLD!


Yeah, it’s a stock photo but this is basically what it looks like except mine has a moonroof too. I had three dealerships bidding for the sale and I got a decent price I think. According to my calculations it was a 3.4% markup over actual dealer costs. I wanted red but silver is nice too. I went with Warrenty Direct for the extended warrenty. Finance manager was shocked at the price I got (they were running a special discount for January, plus an extra $200 off if you paid in full). I am extremely happy with it and I LOVE the V6 engine.

Now I gotta get the old one spiffied up for sale.

One addendum: Car Buying Tips has a lot of great information, but a lot of it is aimed at people with less than bullet-proof credit scores. A lot of the hi-jinks you get warned about there and what I was expecting mostly didn’t happen. I felt like I brought gun to a pillow fight. Also, it’s interesting how different dealerships work with customers depending on how they get introduced to you. One dealership I actually went to the lot without prior contact to see how they were going to approach the deal. I got the high-pressure treatment almost immediately. Later emails and phone messages to the sales-weasel there weren’t answered. It was only after I emailed somebody else there that I got a response. They didn’t get the deal. It’s the second time I didn’t buy a car there. The lesson is: if you’re going to do the internet car buying route (which I highly recommend) don’t bother with the regular sales-weasels – go to the Internet Sales Manager.