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AAY – Car Buying 5: Opening Moves January 30, 2013

Posted by Mitchell in Home, Yorling.

Back in Salesguy1’s cube I drop the CarWoo Salesguy2’s big undercut of his initial offer. He’s not pleased. He goes on for a bit about the double-dirty-dog-underhanded dealing tactics of other dealerships and how he refuses to work at a dealership works that way. Oh yes, he’s quite incensed about the whole thing.  It turns out that the Big Bone of Contention is the Delivery Charge: $845.00. This is actually a legitimate hard cost for a new car, and it will be passed on to the buyer no matter who’s doing the deal. The other guy’s offer didn’t include that and Salesguy1’s did. SHENANIGANS!

Unwisely perhaps I let him know which other dealership that quote came from. He quickly identifies the only one they have on the lot and points out that if we add the Delivery Charge and minus the $200 premium paint option the other car has he is actually under the other offer. It’s a fair point, if that’s actually the case.  I don’t know. CarWoo offers don’t have a bunch of details about the offers initially. You have to kind of build a true bid there. I table Salesguy2’s offer for the moment and then I ask to look at the actual invoice from Salesguy1.

He doesn’t want me to see the actual invoice. Instead he prints off the “more easy to read” version. What you see when they give you this isn’t  really “invoice” costs, it’s MSRP. Still, this is a useful piece of information as I now have a full list off all the options on the car. Well, almost – later Salesguy mentions that there are a few extra things on the car not on the invoice: door edge guards, locking wheel nuts, and window tinting. Duly noted. Armed with more information I thank him for his time and go back home and ask Salesguy2 for his option details. It turns out that Salesguy1 was indeed correct in identifying the other vehicle. It had the standard upgrade option package that all Limited RAV4s get, plus premium paint but nothing else. Hmm.

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