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AAY – Car Buying Part 3: Deal Me In January 25, 2013

Posted by Mitchell in Yorling.

Ah yes, per the instructions over there you start with The Folder. Basically you need to make sure all your credit history stuff is in order. Once a year you can request a free one from the Big Three: Experian, Trans Union and Equifax. You can find them on-line and download .pdf versions and check them carefully for errors. Happily there were none on mine. I put them in The Folder (or rather my Kindle Fire, same thing) in case they try to pull any Funny Stuff. Other tasks were to download some spreadsheets and start planning my strategy and best cost scenarios.

At some point I decided to drop the used Mercedes option, I want new. For the 2013 models Toyota made a bunch of changes to the base design interior-wise, but the outside looks much the same except they pulled the spare wheel off the back and stuck it under the back cargo area. Now the rear door opens upward instead of to the side. I’m very interested.

Car Buying Tips recommends getting all your price quotes online and they suggest a few places to get the ball rolling. One of which is CarWoo so set up an account but there I was limited to just searching for the 2013 model Rav 4.  Ok.  I set up another account with a different website (forget which one) and start the ball rolling there too for 2013’s. I start getting responses pretty quickly. And I find out that they dropped the V6 engine option for all 2013’s – four bangers only. Also I find out they’re only just now getting to the dealers and there aren’t many to choose from. On top of that only the base models are available at the moment. No, that’s not going to do. I’ve had 4 cylinder cars all my life. I want, nay need a V6. WE MUST HAVE IT PRECOUSSSSS! So, 2012 V6 Limited it is. I notify everyone and one drops out. With CarWoo the dealer can’t contact you directly. All emails are routed from CarWoo itself. One of the other sites gives your contact information to the dealer he calls me fairly quickly. Here we go.

He offers a $1000 off MSRP of one he has in stock and tell me they currently they offer $1500 rebate or 0% financing. Car Buying Tips tells you that very few people qualifies for the 0%. I’m sure that’s true. It’s not true for me though, that I was certain. It’s easy to calculate which is the better option – %2.99 less the $1500 rebate or 0%? Zero percent is absolutely the way to go. We discuss all this and set up an appointment to do a test drive. I look at some of the other offers, one of which came back substantially under his. Woot!



1. Mitchell - January 25, 2013

This is my 666th post. Dun, dun, duuunnnnn!

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