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Adventures In Advanced Yorling December 20, 2012

Posted by Mitchell in Art, Yorling.
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Last Friday The Parental Units and I went down to Caesar’s Palace to try their uber-fancy new Bacchanal Buffet for lunch.  Folks, I’ve been to a LOT of buffets in this town and this one blows them all away. If you ever hit Vegas this is definitely one of the things to do while you’re here.

After that Mom wanted to go shopping for a particular purse she wanted so we waddled off to the Forum Shops. During our perambulations we came across one of the Peter Lik galleries there. If you don’t know who he is you can check out a sample of his stuff here. So yeah he’s a nature photograph guy. Very nice stuff. Anyway, one of things they sell there are called “Elements” which are small-ish non-limited edition pictures and they had a new 4-pack out for Christmas this year: “Zen Elements“. They had these four on display in one of the viewing rooms and I was just really taken with them and decided to get the set. I don’t normally make $500 impulse-buys but there you go.

Of course the sales people don’t like to let you simply walk out like that. They want to talk with you a bit. This here is another piece that came out recently titled “Enchantment” and it was hanging in the same viewing room. It’s considerably larger than the Elements. It’s also limited edition to 950. This picture doesn’t really do it justice to the real thing but you know.


Clicken to go to Lik.com and embiggenification

So the sales lady and I talked about it for a bit. I don’t normally make a $3000 impulse buy, but there you go. o_O

She threw in the Elements pack and knocked $500 off the list price, so that made it a nicer deal. You gotta spend money to save money. Or…something like that.


1. SOYLENT GREEN - December 20, 2012

A yorlin’ A yorlin’
A yorlin’s ben my ru-eye-in,
I’ll go no more a yorlin’ with you fair maid.

Steamboat McGoo - December 21, 2012

Damn, SG – I just watched Moby Dick again (the Gregory Peck version – not that star trek baldy guy POS) and they were singing that very shanty in the bar.

Enis – “you can’t take it with you” – and sometimes ya can’t even keep it while you’re here. Dad used to say, “I don’t care how or where I die: I just want to know when so I’ll have it all spent by then!”

Gorgeous photo, though!

SOYLENT GREEN - December 21, 2012

Wow, McGoo. That paper you wrote with LK really works. You just posted from the future–not just an hour, like some time zone hoping emo in a Illinois Denny’s, but 2:20 minutes.
Awesome. I’m sendˆng that paper to Lubos, there may be string applications.

Mitchell - December 22, 2012

I’m…not good at saving money. 😛 Also, I want to buy stuff while the dollar is still good for doing that sort of thing instead of the toilet paper it seems destined to become. :-/

2. Steamboat McGoo - December 21, 2012

Hey! Aren’t we not supposed to be here now? Its the end of days, supposedly.

Ya just can’t rely on anything these days…..

3. Steamboat McGoo - December 21, 2012

You…you…you didn’t actually TEST it, did you, SG?

*McGoo ducks defensively and begins furiously digging a hole towards China*

4. cmblake6 - December 23, 2012

And fun may still exist. Nice to know that hasn’t been outlawed yet.

5. LC Aggie Sith - December 27, 2012

Really, they are lovely 🙂

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