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2012 – A Yarn Odyssey: Journey’s End December 1, 2012

Posted by Mitchell in Art, Crochet, Yarncraft.

Part 1 here

Enough pussyfooting around. See below the fold for my results.


I can haz mad lace crochet skillz?

I can haz mad lace crochet skillz?


I have whacked my White Whale without going into the briny deep myself! I killed my Khan without loosing my Enterprise! At last I threw down my enemy and smote it’s ruin upon the mountainside and without that pesky trip back to Valinor to recharge my wizard batteries!


There may or may not have been mad cackling at some point.

Okay, there was definitely cackling involved.

Okay, there was definitely cackling involved.

Now I can pierce the quantum fog of lace yarn. And happily they’re exactly the size they’re supposed to be according to the pattern – 6 x 6 inches. All that practice paid off. Now I’m alternating between the cashmere and qiviut to make all the necessary squares. It gets a little easier with each one.

Over the weekend I brought all of the blocks I’d made with both yarns. The appropriate oohs and ahs were delivered and I was well pleased with how things were going. The next day I get a call from Dad:

Dad: “Hey, last night after you left your Mom and I had a talk.”
Me: “Yeah?”
Dad: “About that shawl you’re making for your Mother…”
Me: “Yeeahhhhh?”
Dad: “Well, she really doesn’t like the color gray. She really does like that other color though. Could you make it with something like that instead?”
Me: …  “Um, yeah sure. No problem.”
Dad: “Great! Thanks!”

Special orders don't upset us!

Sure! No problem!




1. jam2 - December 2, 2012

hahahaaa! “sure no problem”

the positive side is you’ve got the technical details kicked, so the color switch only hurts your budget… right?

i enbiggened the pic. wow – looks like a whole lot of scrolly stuff going on there… not including the learning curve; how many hours does one square take?

Mitchell - December 2, 2012

Yah, it’s okay. I can cover the cost easily enough. I’ll just make a shawl for my sister out of the other stuff, so it’s all good.

Currently each square takes about 2.5 hours of dedicated crochet time. In practice it’s longer of course. So figure 3 hours per square x 20 squares = 60 hours. Then I have to sew them all together and then crochet an edge. So each project will run about 80 to 90 hours. I hope to get faster as it goes on, but there’s an upper limit. I have to be real careful about stitch counts and I don’t want to sacrifice accuracy for speed.

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