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2012 – A Yarn Odyssey Part 7 November 30, 2012

Posted by Mitchell in Art, Crochet, Home, Yarncraft.

Part 1 here

So I open up the package and take a look at what I’ve gotten myself into.


Here we go again

Yeahup. It’s another lace-weight yarn. It looks thicker in the pictures where I bought it, but that’s just the fluffiness of the fiber. If anything this is even thinner than the qiviut. As I indicated before this is a silk/cashmere (with a dollop of merino wool thrown in for good measure) 25% / 70% / 5%. The silk forms the actual core of the yarn. That’s the shiny, silvery looking stuff in the middle. The rest is the cashmere-wool fluff that’s twisted into the silk.

No, this wasn’t a mistake. I knew it was lace-weight when I ordered it. You see, this is what I learned from my earlier acrylic swatches – sport-weight is simply too thick. Once I’d gotten 20 of the things made and put together it would wear like a big, wet dishrag. It also wouldn’t look lacy unless I made the blocks on a pretty big diameter hook. Then it would be ridiculously huge as well as still too heavy. This is it. I’m throwing down the gauntlet. I’m not waiting for the other cashmere yarn to arrive – I’m not going to use it for Mom’s shawl anyway. It’s time to have the Final Showdown. I dig out the qiviut.

Let’s settle this – once and for all.



1. jam2 - December 1, 2012

don’t blink –

good luck

Mitchell - December 1, 2012

Check the update!

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