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So…There’s That November 7, 2012

Posted by Mitchell in Bad Times Ahead, Destined for the Gulags, Politics.

Things are bad and now they are going to get worse. President Jarrett and her empty chair get to exact their revenge and rain hell-fire upon their enemies (ie the American People).  Some things to look forward to:

  • Oshithead gets all flexible with Putin and gives him our missile defense technology. Who will then share with his best buds: China, North Korea, Iran – and well, anybody else he feels could use it.
  • We get to explore NEW, vast holes of debt!
  • Amnesty for ALL the criminally trespassing illegal aliens! ¡Hola millions and millions of new dimocrap-voters! Be sure to sign up for food-stamps! Also, don’t bother learning the Inglés, we’ll just force our kids to learn the Español.
  • Iran joins the nucular club! Shrillery Clinton will personally give Ahmadinejihad his member jacket and give him a grand tour of the clubhouse. Yay! New member! Welcome!
  • Presdidn’t Jarrett gets to appoint at least two new Supreme Court Jesters who’s political leanings are somewhere to the left of Josef Stalin. They’ll be young ones too! Oh, we’ll get the benefit of their “wisdom” for DECADES to come!
  • We’ll get to enjoy the economic stimulus of buying new printing presses every couple of months to keep up with The Bernanke’s money printing demands.
  • It’s very likely that Mahmood won’t be able to resist playing with his nukes and he’ll prank-fully lob one over to Israel for the lols.
  • Since Israel is run by a bunch of unreasonable poopyheads they’ll probably grossly overreact and start some silly war over it. Maybe more nucular exchanges! Won’t that be exciting! Everybody get out your popcorn, Dubya Dubya 3 – War Hard with a Vengeance promises to be a blast!
  • Paul Krugman will helpfully explain why Dubya Dubya 3 will be so great for stimulating the world economy and why Oshithead was so brilliant in helping it come about.
  • Nobel Prize committee gives Oshithead the Nobel Prize in Economics! What other country has a Leader From Behind with TWO Nobel prizes?? That’s right – NONE! We will all be so proud!
  • Algore will explain to us how Nucular Winter is the PERFECT solution to Global Worming, and how Oshithead is a super-genius for coming up with such a clever plan.
  • Lamestream media to GOP: “Now witness the firepower of this fully ARMED and OPERATIONAL DNC propaganda station!”
  • Because of his policies, electricity prices will necessarily skyrocket.
  • NASA gets back in the space business on the back of electric bill skyrockets!
  • The EPA gets to explore vast, new regions of unrestrained regulatory power.
  • The American People get to look forward to not having to worry about retirement planning; we’ll all work until we drop dead or one of Obamacare’s wonderful Death Panel decides we’re no longer useful.
  • Finally, one day we’ll get tucked into our government-made hand-baskets (made from biodegradable, sustainable sources of course) and carried over the Bridge to The Future that was paved with liberals’ good intentions.



1. Lemur King - November 7, 2012

The one… ONE… mitigating (possibility) is that the Republicrats have majority in the House. They hold the purse-strings. Not O’bummer, not the Senate, not Czars, nor any agency.

The fact that most of the dogs in the House have 50% or more fox in them doesn’t make me feel terribly secure regarding my chickens. But it’s better than zilch.

Can you imagine a united Congress and Potus at this stage in the game?

I’m definitely bummed but I’m trying like hell to see any positive facet here.

Mitchell - November 7, 2012

Mmm. The Executive Order will suddenly acquire sweeping new vistas of power undreamed of by any of the Zero’s predecessors. House GOP congresscritters never had much spine to begin with and now what little they did have probably completely turned to jelly last night. I fully expect them to roll over. Sorry, but I have few words of comfort today.

jam2 - November 8, 2012

Mitchell, i’m with you on this. not only will the shill use exec orders by the truckload; Congress under boehner will adjourn every time a big decision must be made; or worse yet, capitulate.

The Presnitt Jarrett pogroms have almost certainly begun.
one other thought: I wonder how long before they ramp up the “racist” tag line again.
I’ll see you in the gulag-

Mitchell - November 8, 2012

We can be cell-mates!

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