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Tea Time with Alan Rickman October 26, 2012

Posted by Mitchell in Art, Movies, Music.
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This is awesome. Stick with it.


1. Lemur King - October 26, 2012

Ok, I’m not sure what that was but: (1) I liked it, (b) Rickman was able to sell it, third, I’m still confused as to what it was, and in summation – pretty good find, Mitchell.

When he looks up after the teabag his stare was kind of creepy.

2. Mitchell - October 27, 2012

Thanks! Yeah, there’s a story behind this that I haven’t explored fully. It’s part of a series of dramatic art vignettes with different actors I think. Alan Rickman is just one of those actors (Christopher Walken is another) who are just interesting to watch.

It’s weirdly compelling and the music really punches it up.

Lemur King - October 27, 2012

I particularly like Rickman because he succeeded so much later in life – he persevered and got his break. I would love to see him in a really intense and serious role – Harry Potter was good and you could see many nuances to Rickman’s portrayal of Snape but I think he could do much more given a really complex character.

The perfect movie for him? If they did The Dosadi Experiment he would make a good McKie.

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