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Conservative Vs. Liberal Point of View October 27, 2012

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I just happened to think of this in the shower this morning and I’d like to share. I’m a sharer like that.

By now everyone has seen the famous night-time satellite photo of North Korea and South Korea. But I’ll post it again to refresh your memory.

The Conservative viewpoint is to look at the plight of the North Koreans under the grinding heel of communism and say “This is terrible! Nobody should be forced to live like this!” The Liberal viewpoint is to look in horror at the “profligate energy waste” and “planet-killing carbon emissions” of South Korea and say “This is terrible! Nobody should be allowed to live like this!”


Tea Time with Alan Rickman October 26, 2012

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This is awesome. Stick with it.

Lindsey Stirling October 12, 2012

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She’s a very talented young lady who’s burning it up on her YouTube channel. I absolutely love her music and her videos are fantastic. This one is my favorite, though they’re all good.

She has an album out of her original music out now too. I just got it last week and I’m enjoying it immensely. There’s not a bad track on the whole thing. You should go buy it ->Lindsey Stirling. Lastly, she’s on tour! If you live near any of these places you should go see her.

*Tap Tap Tap* Hello? Is Thing On? October 7, 2012

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Yes, sort of – this place isn’t quite pining for the fjords just yet. I’ve been busy. Baby blankets aren’t going to crochet themselves you know. I finished off the granny square blanket this summer and started another one. The first blanket was sent off to number two niece’s number one daughter. Niece number one was preggers with son number one and recently gave birth. His blanket has been in the works since late August. I figured I should post an update since blanket number two is getting sort of close to finish.

This pattern is called “Bavarian Crochet”. I learned it from a book with some help from YouTube. I don’t know what makes it “Bavarian”. Here’s a detail shot so you can see the texture a bit better:

It’s a nice raised texture and it feels fantastic. Each color round takes two passes – the first is an eight stitch back post treble crochet decrease with a chain four before the decrease and after it with one chain binding all stitches. Then the second pass is done with eight stitch treble crochet shell increases (12 stitch increase on the corners).

You can kinda judge how big it is by the top picture – that’s a regulation size pool table it’s on. I have just four more color rounds to go. Yay!

Here’s a (poor) picture of the completed granny square blanket: 

I had better pictures but unfortunately the memory card I had in my phone took a dump and lost all my pictures. 😦

So what have y’all been  up to?