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More Magnet Fun February 17, 2012

Posted by Mitchell in Art, Zen Magnets.

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This was a fun one to put together. It’s a copy of another build by a much more experienced dude who goes by the monicker of Yoyobandelor. I have a link to his original construction on youtube. If you like this kind of stuff you should definitely check his videos out.

Technical details: 3,300 balls, about five inches in diameter, and weighs in at about 3.5 pounds. Now it’s time to rip it up and make something new.



1. Mitchell - February 17, 2012

I need a better camera. The one I have is more for still shots.
Also I sound weird. Like I’m stuffed up or something.

2. Steamboat McGoo - February 18, 2012

You almost sound British!

That thing looks like part of an egg by Faberg√©, or sumpin. It’s beautiful!

3. cmblake6 - February 24, 2012

That is gorgeous. You do have quite the artistic bent sir!

4. Mitchell - February 27, 2012

Thanks! Although this build was more along the lines of just “following instructions”.

5. jam2 - March 5, 2012


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