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Yarnbomb II – The Black and White Buggaloo January 30, 2012

Posted by Mitchell in Art, Home, Yarncraft.

Not finished obviously but I had to stop at that point because of the supports in place. I’ll continue up the rest of the way this week.

I’ve been looking around the neighborhood and noticed that the stop signs are on poles that happen to have holes drilled every inch or so on all four sides. They would be PERFECT to tie a bunch of pompoms to. Can you imagine? 😀 That would almost certainly get me A Visit though. I can see it all now…

HOA Hardass: Sir, we need you to stop putting pompoms on the stop signs in the community.
Me: What makes you think I did it?
HOA Hardass:
HOA Hardass:
HOA Hardass: Seriously? Stop putting pompoms on the stop signs!
Me: (Eyeroll) Fine.


1. Lemur King - January 31, 2012

Like pompoms on stop signs is a bad thing.

Better than the time when a buddy came running up to my door and said “Lemur! I need your help! I had a few beers at the pool hall and took out a stop sign! I need you to help me get it hid!”

(this was in college)

30 minutes later there’s the two of us carrying a stop sign through the neighborhood, roughly four blocks, with a 100 pound chunk of concrete still attached to the pole.

Pompoms are way better for stop signs than 1/4-ton pickup trucks. I say go for it.

Mitchell - February 1, 2012

Yeah what the hell. There’s one near a little park type area in the community. I can justify it as being For The Children.

2. LC Aggie Sith - January 31, 2012

I want to be there when they come a’callin’ 😀

I do like the stitch on this one, too.

Mitchell - February 1, 2012

I like these projects. They’re a good way to get in a lot of practice without consequence. If I make mistakes (and I have) it’s no big deal, I can just note the errors and go on without fixing them.

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