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My Christmas Loot December 26, 2011

Posted by Mitchell in Home, Knitting, Leather.

This year we all agreed that we all have a lot of stuff and we don’t need a lot more stuff so we were going to back off giving a lot of stuff. That said, I still got a fair amount of stuff. Here’s the run down of the minor stuff: some little kitchen tools, a nifty little book on 50 ways to make deviled eggs (I’ll post some of the more interesting ones), a pair of fleece-lined slippers (very comfy), a great little credit card/money clip thingy for when I don’t want a big wallet. Those were the “stocking stuffers”. On to the Main Features:

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Cool huh? I LOVE these buckyballs! I’ve been playing with them ever since I got home yesterday. In fact I went online and ordered three full sets in silver, gold and black. If you buy two sets from Thinkgeek they’ll throw in the blue sidekick set for free.

Then there’s the Big Gift. They weren’t supposed to do a Big Gift this year since they gave me the Kimber 1911 last year for this year’s Big Gift, but they did it anyway with the really cool leather knitting basket from Renaissance Art. Yeah, I know Mr. Art ticked me off earlier this year, but I shall forgive him; this thing is beyond awesome. Finely crafted leather goods covers a lot of sins. 😀

So how did y’all do?


1. Nicole - December 26, 2011

Love the soup set!

We just do kids presents at the TX house. And grab bag junk for the adults. I got nothing too awfully memorable out of that. Some glowy plug in shoe laces but otherwise, nothing of note. Individual gifties will happen this coming weekend with the hub, the mother and the brother. 🙂

2. Lipstick - December 27, 2011

Excellent loot, Mitchell.

I agree with Nicole about the soup set. It reminds me of something I saw a while back: a wooden wall mount with pewter measuring cups and spoons hanging on hooks from it. hmmm, maybe it’s time to look into that. . .

Mitchell - December 27, 2011

Pewter cups and spoons are available at Crosby & Tailor. Expensive yes, but first rate, beyond life-time heirloom quality. I’m big on the dragonfly motif, and if you have the counter space available I really recommend the two-tier super post for the measuring cups and spoons. Which reminds me – I should have a package coming from them soon.

3. LC Aggie Sith - December 27, 2011

Well, you saw mine at Sithy!

We have several sets of the Bucky Balls. Kids lurve them, especially when Hubby isn’t hoarding them. Love the spoons. They yell AGGIE somethin’ fierce…

Mitchell - December 27, 2011

The Bucky Balls are driving me nuts! With a set of 125 it’s just enough to get started with some things but aren’t nearly enough to build anything substantial.

So you like the spoons eh? Here ya go: Spoons!

4. jam2 - January 1, 2012

that ladle is pretty neat..
Happy New Year!

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