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Christmas Cheer December 18, 2011

Posted by Mitchell in Art, Yorling.

An extended remix of the classic is available this year! Enjoy!

Christmas yorling is nearly done. I guess. I’m having a real tough time finding something for the Paternal & Fraternal Units. I got two presents for the Parental Units collectively: a bottle of Dom Perignon and Peter Lik’s “Elements”.  Lik is selling a new “foot in the door” package of four Element pictures in a box at a fairly reasonable price starting this Christmas season. Peter Lik is an phenomenal photographer from Australia and his stuff is simply stunning. And he manages to keep TWO galleries up and running at the Forum shops!

The Maternal Unit is getting some Shang Tea and a Swarovski crystal flower.

The Sister Unit is getting a book of this guy’s artwork: Vladimir Kush. She saw his stuff in a gallery the last time she was out here and really liked it, so hopefully she will like the book.  I’ll probably wind up sending the Brother Unit a gift card to Pro Bass Shops.

I would really like some help for ideas to get something for Dear Old Dad though. I’m running out of time. $250 price range.



1. Nicole - December 20, 2011

Wow, the flower is gorgeous! You have excellent taste, sir. 🙂

No clue on the paterfamilias. My dad always got cologne, chocolate covered raisins and black licorice. He was hard to shop for.

Mitchell - December 22, 2011

Thanks! I hope she likes it. She may very well consider it “gaudy”. We’ll see.

As for Dear Ol’ Dad, I’ve completely struck out. So I’m going to punt and just get him a nice bottle of scotch.

Lipstick - December 27, 2011

Way late to this, but the flower is not gaudy in the least. It is lovely and elegant!

2. LC Aggie Sith - December 26, 2011


Sorry I didn’t see this sooner, Mitchell. Although a nice bottle of scotch is always a very nice gift.

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Let me know how it went!

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