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At Least It’s Thursday November 10, 2011

Posted by Mitchell in Bad Times Ahead, Home, Meh.

This week has kinda sucked. Batman put the beatdown on my xbox and it needs to be repaired. Or replaced. And I was this >< close to being on the verge of being almost finally maybe getting enough Riddler thingies to finish off the last side quest! GAH!! To get it repaired will require quite a bit of hassle & unknown expense. Hmmmmmm.

Today I noticed Arthur from Renaissance Art tweeted another story about unfortunate hunting accident where somebody died. It was the second in two days. I had to ask him about it.

Me: Big fan of these “Hunter dies” stories eh, Art?

Art: LOL…that is why I post them 🙂

Me: Yeah, it’s *funny* when people die. I’ve been giggling about this one for days: http://www.nola.com/crime/index.ssf/2011/11/man_found_dead_in_occupy_new_o.html See you around Art.

I no longer follow Art and I took the link to his site off my sidebar. Adjust your Christmas shopping as you see fit. Oh, and you might not have heard about this but last week Men’s Wearhouse decided to declare solidarity with the “Occupy X” “movement”. They even put up a sign in their Oakland storefront window declaring this support and even closed the store for the “General Strike”. The window got smashed anyway. I will no longer shop at Men’s Wearhouse.

Funny & endy


1. LC Aggie Sith - November 13, 2011

I heard about MW, and now Hubby and son will do business with Jos. A. Bank™. Sorry to hear about Arthur posting such things on Twitter. A shame, since I was going to order some books for Hubby.

Lesson to be learned: for every action there is a consequence.

2. cmblake6 - November 21, 2011

It is now 11 days later, still no new post, dude! What’s got into you?!?!

Mitchell - November 21, 2011

Eh, I’m just not into it these days. I’m weary and sick of news and politics and there’s just not much going on in my life. I’ll throw up some music I’m listening to.

3. cmblake6 - November 21, 2011

As for “Mens Wearhouse”, 😛

4. Lipstick - November 24, 2011

Aggie, Jos. A. Bank™ advertises on Rush — another reason to check them out. I remember they had some very men’s nice polo shirts with a breast pocket, just like my dad likes.

5. Lipstick - November 24, 2011

Make that “very nice men’s polo shirts”, derp.

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