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Happy 11/1/11! November 1, 2011

Posted by Mitchell in Art, Leather.

Apollogies for the extended absence, but the thugs in Arkham City aren’t going to pound the snot out of themselves. I’m sure you understand.

First up, I need to call attention to the this nice offering to the readers here from the owner of Renaissance Art:

Hi… this is Arthur of Renaissance Art. I just saw this. Thank you so much for your kind words. So, as a thank you I would like to offer readers of your blog only 10% off the base price of anything on my site thru Friday of this week (including the leather knitting basket), Nov 4th. Just enter the coupon code; ANOMALY

Btw.. anyone who calls will talk directly to the craftsperson who will be making their stuff.

Take advantage of this if you can! I can’t praise the quality of the materials or the craftsmanship enough. The journals I’ve bought are absolutely fantastic. I like them so much I turned around and bought another one. Christmas is just around the corner folks!  EDIT: Link added per Lemur King’s suggestion. Also I registered with my email address under the “Specials and FREEbies” and got a special code for a “New Writer Bundle” that I used for my first order. You get the medium Recession refillable journal, a nifty Lamy rollerball pen, free initials on the cover and free shipping on that item. It’s a pretty good deal and they don’t spam you with a lot of stuff either.

Halloween Pumpkins

The pictures are kinda meh and the pumpkins were rushed. I always forget how long these things actually take even for simple stuff.

After I started getting into the teeth I really wished I’d done a different design.

3 AM Chili

After reading this post last week at Hookers & Booze I was inspired to make a pot of chili my own, with a few tweaks. I ditched the corn and greanbeans, used 2 lbs of cubed stew meat instead of ground beef, used 1 can each of kidney & pinto beans, and used two cans of Rotel tomatoes. Other than that I stuck pretty closely to the recipe as given over there. Oh and I used a crockpot instead of doing it on the stove. The results were quite excellent! I admit that in the past I used the grocery store seasoning packet, but this mixture is certainly going to replace that. If you go the stew meat / crockpot route figure on at least six hours until the meat is sufficiently tender, but eight hours is better.



1. Lemur King - November 1, 2011

I am now inspired to make chili.

Happy 11/1/11 to you as well. I keep seeing it as 3/1/3 (binary to decimal) and then just “1” because of the 3/1=3, 3/3 = 1, and… stop looking at me like that. Five ones at once really make the brain go into overdrive is all.

I can’t look at the Batman thing – the grip it has on you… I’d be doomed. Why do you think I keep turning down your suggestions that I get into WoW?

Very nice link to Ren Art… great looking stuff.

Lemur King - November 1, 2011

Oh yeah, you might stuff the link to Ren Art in this posting, too.

Mitchell - November 1, 2011

WoW rolls ever onward but at some point you run out of Arkham City. I would probably be mostly done with it if I hadn’t gone through 3/4ths of the main story line and started over. I realized that I’d made the mistake of not pursuing the side quests & Riddler stuff. There’s a lot of early XP to be made there when it’s easier to beat dudes up instead of near the end when everyone is armed to the teeth. Also, it’s better to spend the level ups in the combat moves early to make it even easier to earn XP. You get extra points for trashing bozos with style. Previously I spent them upgrading the Batsuit & gadgets early.

2. Nicole - November 1, 2011

Very cool of Renaissance Art to offer a discount. If I hadn’t just spent money on bling, I’d spend it on leather. 🙂

3. jam2 - November 2, 2011

tis the season for CHILI….!

4. ANONYMOUS - November 3, 2011


5. LC Aggie Sith - November 3, 2011

What leather knitting basket?? I don’t see that at the site 😦

Mitchell - November 4, 2011

LOL. It’s a bit of an Easter egg to find it since Arthur doesn’t have the main menu set up quite properly Aggie. Here ’tis: http://www.renaissance-art.com/Prod404/Product.aspx It looks REALLY nice. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Parental Units picked it up for me for Christmas. They were VERY interested in this site when I showed it to them.

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