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Hat Vest Update October 4, 2011

Posted by Mitchell in Art, Leather, Yorling.

The Hat-Guy Gary & I had a couple e-mails back and forth and we now have a price. He also mentioned they can do one in other colors too. Other…colors? I knew they at least made them in brown. I asked him what else they can do.

“In the nice finished leathers I have Brown, Black, Red, and White.  In suede, pretty much the sky is the limit in colors.  The Red is very nice leather.”

Huh. The suede leather colors aside, how cool would a finished white leather vest on a black top hat look? It will be a tuxedoed top hat.

Tuxedo. Top. Hat.

Are you kidding me? Of course I have to add that to the order. We have to do the arrangements outside of their normal ordering process so it will go in tomorrow. I can’t hardly wait to get them!

Christmas is just around the corner folks. A nice hat would make a nifty gift!



1. Lemur King - October 4, 2011

Those are some nice hats. I do yearn for the days when hats were commonplace – what was that, up until the 40’s and 50’s?

I guess when everything started getting made in China if it wasn’t going to hold up well to any kind of use it stopped getting use, period.

Just one man’s opinion, obviously.

Mitchell - October 4, 2011

In the 40’s a man didn’t leave the house without a hat on. In the 50’s that was still true for the older generation, the youngsters grooving to Elvis & the like not so much. It also started to divide between blue and white collar workers. If you wore a suit, you wore a fedora style hat. If you were in a (non-military) uniform, maybe a hat but almost certainly not a fedora. After the 50’s fashion just became more and more casual. Hats gave way to baseball caps and that was that. This is regionally excepted of course. Cowboy hats are more common than not in some places but you get the point. Still, hats seem to be getting some sort of resurgence lately. I wore one quite frequently this summer.

2. LC Aggie Sith - October 4, 2011

Tux Tophat? AWESOMENESS!!!

I wish I could wear hats well. I look like a dork in them.

Mitchell - October 4, 2011

Dork? Nonsense. You just need the right hat! Have you perused the fine products at Head ‘n Home? I’m sure there’s one just meant for you!

jam2 - October 8, 2011

i agree with Mitchell, Agggie… check out a couple of these:


i think the clock one is nicely understated…

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