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Heads Up September 23, 2011

Posted by Mitchell in Home.

There’s Space Crap falling out of the sky sometime tonight.



1. Lemur King - September 23, 2011

I’ve touched/tasted/smelled the engineering model of the HDRI instrument. It’s pretty cool and it is a shame that the real one that has been in orbit for so many years is going to burn.

But, that’s the understanding when you undertake to make a s/c (unless it is manned) – eventually it will come to and end and you’re not likely to lay hands on again unless you design for that.

No toilet seats were used in the making, as far as I know, so there won’t be any new reaping recruits.

2. Mitchell - September 23, 2011

You’ve seen the show! It was a great series and I was very sad to see it cancelled after only two seasons. They did do a 2 hour movie in 2009 to wrap up some of the loose ends though which was cool. I’m surprised we haven’t seen Ellen Muth pop up elsewhere though.

3. Nicole - September 24, 2011

That was exactly what I thought of when I heard about the incoming debris. Loved that show. I’d love to see her in something else.

4. JAM2 - September 26, 2011

it was raining here. no visibility. did anybody get cracked on the noggin’ by re-imported space junk?

5. LC Aggie Sith - September 26, 2011

So, did it fall after all??

Mitchell, I went Yorling. I hope you’re happy 😀

6. Mitchell - September 26, 2011

Last I heard was that it probably all went into the drink. I’m a bit miffed no one got any video footage. 😦

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