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Hat Up September 30, 2011

Posted by Mitchell in Leather, Steampunk, Yorling.
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I dithered for a few weeks over  the new selection of steampunk top hats at Head ‘n Home. They all have their own wonderful qualities and I want them all. I can’t have them all. Well, I suppose I could, but I need to make some sort of gesture toward being an actual responsible adult.  But as usual I couldn’t really decide on just one, so I bought two. Even deciding on this was an agony. This one I knew I was going to have to have the instant I saw it:

Arronax Black

This thing is every inch of fantastic implied by the picture. I LOVE the wrinkled leather texture and the low crown makes it very wearable. The one knock on the tall top hats is that they’re a bit on the heavy side. Still, their fabulousity more than makes up for it. Which leads me to the next hat. THIS is where the agony started. Recall that I already had TWO black leather top hats that I bought from this place previously: the smooth and suede versions of their original topper. This was the previous incident where indecision was resolved with an application of money. When surveying the new selection the second hat I zeroed in on was the Red Vested Black. But I already have two black hats and now I’m buying  a third with the Arronax. I just can’t get another one, red vested or no. So the next one had to be one of the brown ones. Ultimately I decided on one that was as stylistically different from all the other ones as possible:

Century Brown

The Absinthe hat is also striped like this, but the Century is the only hat in the collection to use fabric as a design element and that was the deciding factor. I am very pleased with it and it’s a welcome addition to my menagerie.

As always clicky the pic for a link to Head ‘N Home for these specific hats. If you’re leery about buying a hat online because of maybe it not fitting right when you get it, let me assure you. Take a moment to accurately measure your head as they suggest and that will get you a pretty close hat match to your size. They have a really nifty sweatband sizing system that they send with the hats so that you can get the exact fit you need. I have seven of their hats now and they all fit EXACTLY. The steampunk hats have them front and back so they have even more sizing options.

After ordering the two hats above, I was still obsessing over that snazzy red vested hat. It has a pocket. I’m a BIG FAN of pockets. I want a pocket on one of my hats. Want? No, it’s not really a matter of “want”. I really need a pocket on my hat. Now that I know that a pocketed vest/corset exists for black leather top hats I MUST have one. But again, I already have two black leather unvested top hats. The basic design of the vested top hat looks a lot like the hats I already have. No, they don’t sell the red vest as a separate item. But…an email doesn’t cost anything does it? So I sent one (prefaced with a judicious amount of [well deserved] butt-smoochery) that asked if they would make and sell me a vest for one of my older toppers.  I got a prompt response from the Head Man himself that they would be happy to do so. He still has to work out the price for my special order but I’m sure it will be reasonable.

Enclosed with my order were some cards. If you have hat envy you can get a 10% discount on an order if you use code ENVY11  when you check out.  Just thought I’d pass that along.

Heads Up September 23, 2011

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There’s Space Crap falling out of the sky sometime tonight.

Back On The Diet Train September 16, 2011

Posted by Mitchell in Health, Science & Technology, Shrinking, Strange & Unusual.
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Longtime readers know I developed type 2 diabeetus a while back and had to start doing all the stuff necessary to deal with that – medicine, blood-monitoring, diet, exercise, blah blah blah. I was actually doing very well and got my blood sugar levels firmly under control and dropped a significant chunk o’ me over the course of a year. I even something something number in my last blood test into the normal range. Which meant that the diabeetus was gone. I even stopped taking the medication. Then I went on vacation and gave myself permission to indulge and to skip exercise as a reward. Yeah. That was…unwise. I never re-established those healthy things and in the year since I regained almost all the weight. Interestingly my blood sugar levels still kept in the normal range though and I have none of the symptoms of diabeetus. I chalk that up to staying mostly away from the really bad stuff like sugary soda-pop and the like, but obviously I”m not doing well in other areas. Like fast food. It’s time to get back to doing healthy things again…but with a twist.


Yesterday Instaheh linked to this book on Amazon: Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight, and Find Your Path Back to Health. It’s 10 bucks on the Kindle so I went ahead and grabbed a copy. I started reading it yesterday. Currently I’m 30% of the way through. It’s written by a medical doctor and he’s convinced that modern wheat gluten is some of the worst stuff you can possibly eat and that epidemic obesity and diabeetus is closely related to vast increase in consumption of wheat products as promoted by the official USDA guidelines of eating less fat & meat and eating “lots of healthy grains”. He’s making a persuasive case that wheat is a whole system messer upper.

Why Wheat, Why Now?

There’s been kind of a building noise around gluten for a while. Lots of products are touting themselves as “gluten free”. There’s a whole aisle devoted to the stuff at Whole Foods I noticed. Mr Ace O’Spades asked a question a while back about this stuff along the lines of “Humans have been eating wheat products for thousands of years. Wouldn’t we have noticed a problem with wheat a long time ago?” Well, yes and no. Actually societies that turned to a largely grain-based diet did indeed start developing diseases and problems that they didn’t have before. But obviously not to the extent we’ve seen more recently. Previously people exercised a lot more than we do now just in the course of their everyday lives. That alone can mitigate a lot of things. But the real culprit (according to this guy anyway) is the advent of modern wheat strains that are almost in complete prevalence today. He’s saying that the genetic structure of modern dwarf wheat is very, very different from what our ancestors ate, and that the gluten from this stuff breaks down in the digestive system into compounds that humans were never designed to handle. And many of us are in fact NOT handling them very well.

Oh, and apparently you shouldn’t try to switch to stuff like breads and crackers that advertise themselves as “gluten-free” because they’re based on other starch-flours, which while not as bad they’re still doing bad blood sugar stuff.  I’ve still yet to get to how to identify all sources of wheat products in commercially produced food. Like is maltodextrin derived from wheat? Eh, it can be apparently, though that article says it’s gluten-free. The point remains that they use wheat-derived products in lots of stuff that don’t necessarily make themselves immediately apparent.

I’ll let you know how things go.

Dude. DUDE. DUUUUUUDE! September 10, 2011

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Knife Bling!

Knife Bling!

Knife. Bling. The skull is sterling silver folks. Want we very much.

Clicky da picky to go to Emerson Knives which is a new premium knife place I just learned about. Looks like their prices are generally on par with Benchmade. That there knife clip goes for $180 and I’m sure it’s compatible with my Benchmade knives. The basic design of the clip is almost exactly the same and Benchmade clips use the same three screw attachment arrangement. Oh yes. I will have one of these.

Oh, and do scroll down folks. Lots more to see. Also, they have beads Aggie. >:-)

Dammit. While researching the materials that Emerson Knives use in their products (which are generally the same quality as Benchmade) I discovered that Benchmade issued a special fantastic1 limited edition 940-1101. Hit the next link to the distributor and they’re selling it for 75 bucks off!!!! I pulled the trigger on that deal without any hesitation. This is an awesome knife. This is an awesome deal If you’re in the market for a top of the line EDC knife this is the time to pull the trigger. Do it now.+6

Charlie Brown! September 8, 2011

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Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown

Darth Yorling September 1, 2011

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Look at what Nicole made me buy:

Nifty eh? It’s signed and numbered on the back as eight of twenty-five. It was also the last one the guy had for sale. *Edit* Whup! Now he has another one available. Maybe he’s getting these things printed one at a time.

*Edit*  I photoshopped the picture to get rid of the glare from the glass and partially de-skew it. The original print is 11 x 17 inches. I just threw it into a plain black wooden frame and I had a perfect chunk of blank wall to hang it on.

In other news, IT’S A FIVE DAY WEEKEND FOR ME! Woo-hoo!