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Thanks Aggie! August 6, 2011

Posted by Mitchell in Art, Home.

Long overdue but I do eventually get around to the things I’m supposed to. A couple weeks ago (or maybe it’s even three weeks ago now? Shit. I’m really bad about this) LC Aggie Sith sent me a lovely bundle of  housewarming presents. Check them out:

A Nifty Cork Stopper
Yeah right :-)
I don’t actually make the world a better place, but it’s a nice thought.

A Nice Scented Candle (Mango)

Now it's all mangoey up in this joint.It’s getting all mangoey up in this joint.

A Scrapbook / Journal Thingy

Before Twitter there was stuff like this

It has 20 pages of good quality card-stock paper wherein I can jot down any pearls of wisdom or paste things of special note or for remembrances. I’m a dull person so it’s still empty as of yet, but I’m sure I’ll come up with some things eventually.

A Genuine Aggie-handmade Shadowbox Thingy

I get cool stuff sent to me by cool people of the internet and you don't.
Sorry, I know shadowbox thingy isn’t really the proper technical term but I’m having one of my brain freezures and can’t think of it right now. Anyway, this is really wonderful and I have a spot picked out in my art studio workspace that I’m almost done getting set up and it will serve as muse and inspiration. Thanks so much for it all Aggie! And sorry again for the unconscionable delay in getting this acknowledgement up.


1. LeeAnn - August 6, 2011

The shadowbox thingy is so perfectly steampunk it makes me wag the tail I don’t have. The first thing I thought of when I saw it was the Joseph Cornell-ish boxes featured in “Count Zero.”
Art art art.

2. LC Aggie Sith - August 8, 2011

You know what? I can’t remember what I call them either 😀

And you are most welcome!!

LC Aggie Sith - August 9, 2011

Oh, I remember now. I call it a configuration box. Because you configure findings to fit in it.

Whatev…shadowbox works too 🙂

3. Nicole - August 10, 2011

That is an excellent box o’ loot. Love the shadowbox thingy.

4. JAM2 - August 13, 2011

Aggie is such a sweetheart…..
Mitchell, is it possible that the bottle of booze that the stopper is for, is what makes the world a better place 🙂 …. just a thought…..

hope all’s well!

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