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This Looks Hilarious July 26, 2011

Posted by Mitchell in Home.

And I think it’s actually a real movie and not just a fake trailer for one.



1. Lemur King - July 26, 2011

Mitchell, it looks like the most badassdom humorous movie to come along in a long time.

So either that or it will suck so bad that it rips the fabric of space and time, forever.

Mitchell - July 27, 2011

I think they may have the right bead on this project like Evil Dead & Army of Darkness; slightly self-mocking but serious enough to avoid complete farce and deliver good action.

2. LC Aggie Sith - July 27, 2011

It’s legit!

And Peter Dinklage?? Steve Zahn???


LC Aggie Sith - July 27, 2011

Forgot to add to a previous comment waaaay back, the second wrapped gift is for you to take with you whenever you feel the need to sketch 🙂

Mitchell - July 27, 2011

And Summer Glau!
Er…I mean *BUNK!!*

I hope this gets more than limited release then STV.

3. Nicole - July 27, 2011

Heck of a cast!!!

4. JAM2 - August 1, 2011

definite funny potential….
nothing like a succubus from hell running around loose to really crank up the levity level.
i like dark humour.

i recently finished putting together a tactical tool very similar to this one…

5. Mitchell - August 2, 2011

It has an “Army of Darkness” kind of vibe Jam2. Oh, and nice rig. I need to get a better shotgun myself.

Not related, but it’s something I want to read later. http://www.delanion.com/main/dom.htm

Mitchell - August 3, 2011

Drrrk. I already mentioned AoD didn’t I? Nevermind.

JAM2 - August 13, 2011

thanks for the link… i started reading it. i occasionally check in over at von Mises… great material.

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