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The Pigeon Has Landed June 29, 2011

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I’m sofa king tired. Moving sucks and moving in Las Vegas during the summer = suck^10. But…I’m in. Finally. I have almost everything out of the old place and one more trip will do it. Grrr, two more trips. I need Dad’s help to get the hat rack we just put up. Now comes the fun part of unpacking while getting the old place ready for new people. I can’t believe how exhausting this move is. I did everything that could be stuffed into a box and/or my car and had the Starving Students dudes do all the big stuff. They were very careful and nothing was damaged. The Art of Living Simply has much to commend it. It’s nice to have a bunch of cool stuff, but then you kinda become a slave to managing the stuff. Which of course brings this to mind:

More later.

Questions… June 26, 2011

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I Haz A Few

The other night I was bored with the internet so I started flipping through the channels on the TV – 200 channels with virtually nothing worth watching (why am I paying for cable again?) and I came across The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly. It was the last half-hour of the flick which has some of the best scenes (also the best music) so I watched it. I’ve seen this movie in whole or in part dozens of times but this time a few minutes in I noticed something that made me realize that even though GB&U was the last of the Man With No Name trilogy, the events in this movie came before the other two!! This prompts a couple questions: am I the last person in the world to come to this realization? Also, what the hell did he do with all that money that he felt compelled to keep doing all that bounty hunter stuff in the next two movies?

Another thing I watched was a bit of the show Gangland on the History channel. It’s usually an interesting show that traces the roots and activities of various gangs in the U.S.  This time they were looking at some white power neo-nazi assholes called Volks-something-or-other. So there was this one part where one of the top guys was going off on what and why they believe the stuff they do and it struck me as being exactly the same stuff that spews out of the mouth-assess of people in La Raza. As I recall their motto is “For those inside The Race everything, for those outside The Race nothing”. The difference is that La Raza seems to be considered a respectable organization by our media and is even getting some of its stuff taught in our school systems. So here’s a question: if white-power groups start emulating La Raza’s look and tactics would the media start noticing that La Raza is essentially the Hispanic version of the KKK?

More later, now it’s back to packing and moving…

Oi, I’m tired. I hate moving, but tomorrow the guys with the truck comes and we get the big, heavy stuff out. This shouldn’t take very long though as I don’t really have all that much in the way of furniture and most of that is going into the downstairs areas.

So more questions…

Homosexual marriage is now legal in New York. Way of the times I suppose, and coming to a state near you. Don’t think for a second that the federal gubbermint is going to allow a state-by-state patchwork quilt of state sanctioned vs. non-state sanctioned homosexual marriage laws to exist very long: see abortion.  Prediction: muslims start pushing polygamy citing these laws. Polygamy has a far, FAR greater pedigree in terms of human acceptance through history and current practice in several countries. They will get support from the Usual Suspects.

So this brought to mind about homosexuals basically framing this stuff as their big “Civil Rights” battles like those for blacks in the 50’s – 60’s. I’ve noticed that blacks take a dim view of this notion though. Anyway, the core of this argument is that sexual preference is just the same as skin color in terms of choice and should be treated in the law the same way. So this started me to thinking about genetics – and I do think that homosexuality is very likely genetic. If so, we’re almost certain to figure out where that genetic switch is, and develop a test for it. Let’s say we develop an easy early pregnancy test and women start aborting likely homosexual fetuses. Would homosexuals then suddenly become militant pro-lifers? Or would they push laws preventing abortion for genetically predispositioned  homosexual fetuses as a “hate-crime”? Maybe they push for laws requiring adoption counseling for gov’t subsidized abortion clinics? What happens if we develop a genetic cure for homosexuality? Will homosexual men and women start mating with each other to preserve their…uh, culture?

Speaking of Attention Whores… June 23, 2011

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Ok, as requested this is a Marilyn Manson-free zone. Have a Gaga instead:

Related (and disturbing):

Also related, but not disturbing (for us at least): Gaga sales are down

Oh Yeah June 20, 2011

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Remember this bit of 80’s oddity?

I seem to recall one summer when I just couldn’t get away from this thing. I think it was used in a bunch of commercials or something. Got real sick of it too. Now it’s quirky & fun again.

80’s Twin Spin!

Now that is a catchy song. Check out the related videos on youtube – everybody covered the hell out of it too.   The Britney Spears version isn’t bad. I also like Jessica Simpson’s take. Even Alvin & the Chip-monks took a whack at it. There’s nothing quite like an auto-tuned chip-monk.

Greece Is Screwed June 15, 2011

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More later

I Can Haz Socks? June 13, 2011

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All Packing and No Yorling Makes Mitchell a Dull Boy

Yes, I have a couple pairs of these in the mail. Don’t look at me like that. You WISH you were funky enough to pull this off.

Friday Trance – We Belong June 10, 2011

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Heard this one for the first time yesterday and it really grabbed my attention. Then I found the official video for it and that REALLY grabbed my attention:

Here’s another, longer version of this song. But since it doesn’t feature smoking hot women bouncing around in tight & skimpy outfits you can see why I put the other one at the top.

Obama’s “Under The Radar” Gun Grab June 7, 2011

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We were all wondering what this was, and now we know. If the Senate ratifies this then the decline and fall of the United States of America into a despotic hell-hole is all but assured.

Little Finland June 5, 2011

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AKA Hobgoblin’s Playground

I’m tempted to do the typical asshole-internet move and swipe a picture to post here but I’ll resist. Instead, just go here to look at some amazing pictures ->The Daily Croissant. And to think it’s just 2-3 hours drive from Las Vegas. Talk about a well-kept secret. I’ve lived here for 20 years and I only just heard about it last week. It’s starting to get a bit warm now so I’ll wait until the fall but I AM going to visit this place.

A FLYING CAR!!! June 4, 2011

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A. Flying. Car.

HT to Kevin Sorbo’s tweet