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Todaze Endorsements May 9, 2011

Posted by Mitchell in Movies, Politics, Yorling.

I saw Thor last weekend and I paid full boat for the IMAX 3D experience. Worth every penny. This was a blast and probably the best movie based on a comic book series I’ve seen. No, I’ve never read the comic books, but I am familiar with Norse mythology. You don’t need to know about either to enjoy this one. OH, and do be sure to stay until ALL the credits have rolled. There’s an extra scene at the end that’s worth staying for.

Interesting fun fact about Norse mythology – lots of religions have an End of Times apocalypse-type Final Battle and the Norse were no different. Their name for this battle is Ragnarok and it’s between the gods of Asgard against the Frost Giants. What IS different though, it’s the only Final Battle in recorded human mythos where the good guys are destined to lose.

Product endorsement: SodaStream soda maker. Link goes to Amazon, but I got mine at Bed Bath & Beyond a couple weeks ago. I LOVE this thing! They sell the syrups to make your own sugary soda drinks but I don’t use those. They also have unsweetened orange, lemon/lime & raspberry flavored concentrates that I really enjoy. Or, you can just add fresh fruit squeezin’s to your carbonated water, which I do as well. The CO2 cartridges are pretty big so you get a lot out of them. It’s 30 bucks for the initial one, but if you bring back the empty to BB&B for recycle they’ll take half off.

Another product endorsement: Yomega Dash yo-yo. These aren’t the sucktastic yo-yos of our youth, but better ones with the axle in a bearing that lets you get easy, long sleep times so you can actually learn how to do tricks.

Most people who come here probably already know about Ricochet.com, but in case you don’t it’s another political group blog, center-right flavored. It was started by a couple National Review guys and has a good stable of regular contributors. James Lileks & Pat Sajak do stuff there too. One of the things I really like about it are the weekly podcasts that usually feature Lileks, Rob Long and Peter Robinson. Jonah Goldberg makes an occasional visit and he’s always fun to listen to. They have great guests too. Some content is available to members only, like contributing comments and whatnot. Anyway, check it out if you’re inclined.

My back is all jacked up again and had to take off work today. I really wish this would stop happening.



1. Lemur King - May 9, 2011

You have my complete sympathy regarding your back. You get a whole ‘nother level of appreciation for your spine when back or neck problems haunt you.

I was a Thor fan as a kid. If the movie has lots of Mjolnir whompin’ the dogsnot out of folks then the movie is good.

How about this…? Heard this back in the 80’s or 90’s so it’s been around a while…

Thor is sitting around, all blue and listless. Zeus asks him why he looks so depressed. Thor says that he misses the companionship and love of a woman. Zeus tells Thor that he will fix the problem by sending Thor down to Earth.

Thor lands in the backyard of a single woman. The two immediately start making love and continue all weekend.

After the weekend Thor is back at Mt. Olympus with a big grin on his face. Zeus asks Thor the great woman’s name, but Thor admits that he never asked.

Horrified at his rudeness, Zeus sends Thor back down to find out the woman’s name. Arriving in the same backyard, Thor calls out to the woman, “I wanted to tell you I’m Thor.”

She yells, “You’re thor? I’m tho thor I can hardly pith or thpit!”

JAM2 - May 13, 2011

yuk, yuk, yuk…:)

2. Mitchell - May 10, 2011

The back thing is just baffling me. I’m getting up sore in the morning, I go to work and by 10 I’m in agony and can barely walk to the car to go home. But…in the car I feel kinda ok and at home on the couch lying down for a couple hours I feel fine. Until I start moving around again. A few weeks ago I spent more time at home than work, and then over a 4 day weekend boop! pain gone. Now it’s back just as before. Grr.

Oh yeah, he put a good thumpin’ on some Frost Giants & others.

Cute joke!

3. Mrs. Peel - May 10, 2011

Wait, why would Thor be on Mount Olympus, and why would Zeus want to make him all happy-happy? Seems to me Zeus would prefer to have a little discussion about copyright infringement.

Mitchell - May 10, 2011

Oh, Olympus was hosting the semi-millenial “Weather & Atmospheric Discharging Gods’ Conference”. It’a big to-do and all the big thunderers show up: Indra, Aplu, Perun, etc. Even Xolotl managed to make it! Usually just the Thunderbird goes to represent the Americas but Mrs. T-bird just hatched out a new brood so obviously he couldn’t go this time.

Zeus gave the keynote and Thor wrapped it up with “You Don’t Have to Have a Hammer But it Helps” workshop & demonstration.

Lemur King - May 10, 2011

I didn’t make the joke, Mrs. Peel – I just blindly repeats thems jokes.

Good to see you kicking around Mrs. P.

Mrs. Peel - May 10, 2011

I overanalyze everything 😛 but I like Mitchell’s explanation.

Nice to see you too, LK. Hope all is well with you!

Lemur King - May 14, 2011

I be good, mostly. Periods of boredom punctuated by moments of hair-raising experiences. Basically a nice normal life. Whatever that is. 🙂

Can’t complain. Much.

4. Nicole - May 10, 2011

Hm. I had been wondering about the soda thingy. You can put bubblies in stuff, right? I thought you had to use their syrups, but if you can just put bubbles in stuff that doesn’t normally have them, I may have to investigate next time I have some OT money coming to me.

Vikings were always my favorite in D&D. Love the mythology. Viking and Egyptian are my all time favorites.

5. Mitchell - May 10, 2011

Talk about over-analyzing, did anyone catch Ace’s “review” of Thor? Holy jeezum crow. I betcha he dissects his twinkies and criticizes as he eats them.

As for the SodaStream, know that you can only add the CO2 to straight water AND THEN add the flavoring(s) you want. I made the mistake of trying it on a bottle of herbal tea and wound up with 3/4ths of it all over me and the counter top. I guess the presence of other things in the water precludes the proper injection of CO2 in solution.

6. LC Aggie Sith - May 11, 2011

There must be a back pain epidemic. Mine has been acting up the past week and a half.

Glad you enjoyed Thor. If the kidlets are good, I might take them to the 3D as a school’s out treat 😀

Lemur King - May 14, 2011

Back issue related to corset issues?

7. Mitchell - May 13, 2011

Thankfully the back is getting better and is almost back to normal. The kidlets will enjoy Thor.

Lemur King - May 14, 2011

What did you do and does it work on necks?

Dang, I still need to look at the tree thing. That’s my next stop, then.

Mitchell - May 14, 2011

I dunno, just took it easy. I think it’s some sort of muscle thing rather than nerve or spine thing. It’s all so very strange. If it happens again I’ll make an appointment with the doctor.

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