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Birthday Swag And Other Things April 22, 2011

Posted by Mitchell in Home, Yorling.

Some of my purchases are just coming in over these last few days.  Let’s check them out.

First up, stainless steel tumblers from Napa Style:

For some of you those might look somewhat familiar as I previously purchased the copper versions last fall. There was a bit of a problem with these though. A guy from Napa Style called before they arrived & said that some were defective. Sure enough they weren’t quite flat on the bottom and wobbled so I returned them. This is the second set. They’re still not quite perfectly flat but they’re better than the previous ones. I’ll just keep these. My new flatware was on backorder but got shipped today so I look forward to getting that. They kinda match these tumblers.

Next up – One titanium spork to rule them all, one titanium spork to find them. One titanium spork to bring them all and in awesomeness bind them:

Spork of +5 to Awesomeness

It’s considerably bigger than the ones you can get over at Think Geek and prettier too. You can find these bad boys over at American Kami. Once you buy your spork make sure to drool over the knives the guy makes too.

Finally, there’s this:

More Leathery Goodness

Yes, it’s another piece of Saddleback Leather and this time it’s one of their backpacks. It’s another one of those slightly irregular Dave’s Deals that they put up from time to time at a discount. No, I don’t really have a use for it at the moment but…shrug. It’s just as wonderful as all their other stuff with pocketses everywhere inside & out.

As for Other Matters – I won’t shut down the blog after all. It seems there’s enough of you willing to put up with the abuse of irregular and infrequent posts of questionable quality and content for me to continue abusing you in such a manner. Thanks! The Motorcycle – no movement on this. A couple weeks ago I managed to completely jack the shit out of my back to the point where I had to take time off of work because of the pain. I had a long weekend last week where I just took it very easy and it’s a lot better now. It’s not quite 100% but I’m certainly well on the mend. No I don’t know what happened, I just woke up last Saturday morning in pain and it just kept getting worse. Welcome to year 41 I guess.

I got some other stuff and recommendations for y’all tomorrow. See you later!



1. Nicole - April 22, 2011

Cool cups!

Sorry I didn’t get by here in time to wish you a timely birthday. Happy belated!

Do you stalk Saddleback’s Deals page, man? 🙂

Hope the back continues to improve.

2. Mitchell - April 23, 2011


Yeah, I keep hitting that thing like a coke-fiending monkey in a skinner box.

Tomorrow I’m gonna get offa my butt and actually do some stuff, like actually look at some bikes. Turns out there’s a Honda dealer not very far from my house.

3. JAM2 - April 23, 2011

that’s a pretty neat spork… i think i may pick up one of those along with a sharkey… can never have enough multitool variants.

-other item based on your recommendation: i picked up another hatchet… went with the Estwing smaller sized one. it’s for a new b.o.b. i’m putting together. it’s very well balanced.

good luck with the back issue…. they sure do suck.

looking forward to the bike update.

4. JAM2 - April 23, 2011

oh… & good choice on the not quitting thing 🙂

5. LC Aggie Sith - April 25, 2011

Oh, thank goodness ya ain’t quittin’!!!

On the flip side, my envy travels at the speed of light when it comes to that spork. And the bag.


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