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Ah, I See You’ve Played Knifey-Spooney Before… March 31, 2011

Posted by Mitchell in Art, Bad Times Ahead, Knives, Yorling.

After I got all my stuff together for my Shit Hit The Fan bag I noticed that I was still lacking a certain thing – a knife. Certainly I have many, many knives as well as carry a nice Benchmade pretty much all the time, but almost all my knives are folding blade types. For this I need a really good and durable fixed blade knife. So, to the internets!

I searched for survivor knives and that came back with a ton of suggestions and I looked at a bunch of them. A Ka-bar knife was an early front runner. I laughed at some of the ridiculous Rambo stuff – yeah, you can actually buy versions of the ones in the movies. Sure they look impressive on the screen but really you wouldn’t want to trust your life on one of those things. After reading a lot of reviews I finally settled on a SOG Seal Pup from Amazon.com.  Check it out:

It’s a good size and very sturdy. I was and am very impressed with this thing. The Seal Pup is actually a smaller version of the original Seal. After a few days with this thing I just couldn’t help myself and had to go full-frontal Seal, so I did.  Look at this thing – it is a beast!

I love them both and Amazon’s prices really can’t be beat, particularly if you’re in the Amazon Prime club. I should take up camping to get practice with this stuff. It’s nice to be well-equipped in the post-econopocalypse world, but it will be better if I’m not Captain Clueless when it comes to actually using these things.

In other news, I’m seriously entertaining notions of purchasing a motorcycle. I have a birthday coming up soon. 🙂


1. Nicole - April 3, 2011


2. Veeshir - April 3, 2011

Don’t forget Buy a Gun Day in just 12 days.

3. LC Aggie Sith - April 6, 2011

So your dreams of becoming Mad Max are coming true, eh?

I have a Pup, and hubby has a monster that makes the Pup look like a toothpick.


Mitchell - April 7, 2011

Yeah? What knife does he have? The SEAL elite is pretty freakin big.

LC Aggie Sith - April 12, 2011

I’ll ask him. He got it from “sources” while he was deployed.

4. Nicole - April 7, 2011

Have you seen this yet, Mitchell?


Mitchell - April 7, 2011

DAYUM! That’s a lot of crochet!

Also – DAMMIT! I had an idea of doing crochet sculpture the other night and I was thinking that nobody else was doing it. My version was different from that though. More elegant too – assuming of course I could advance my skill enough to match my vision.

5. JAM2 - April 8, 2011

the pup looks like a handy sized tool… the real big blades are too unwieldy for my tastes… if i have a job that requires a lot of heft i find a nicely balanced hatchet works better.

my current go to fixed blade is a MK3 Mod 0… it does have a design weakness…. the tip is too delicate, but it is pretty well balanced and the standard issue sheath is well designed and made. As you mentioned, however, 80 plus percent of my knife requirements are satisfied with any of the dozens of well made folding knives i have.

the motorcycle is a great idea! i’ve been without one for a few years… i’m thinking of something in an enduro style this summer….
*looking forward to your motorcycle post*

Mitchell - April 8, 2011

Yeah, the Pup is a very good design and size. It’s also the one I have strapped to the Bug Out Bag. I got the other one, because you can’t really have to many knives now can you? 😀 Oh, and I have a nice Estwing hatchet in the BOB too.

That MK3 is pretty interesting. According to the interwebs it’s a titanium knife! I know titanium is pretty tough but you really don’t see too many knives made out of it. I wonder why?

Ok, I’ll go write up the motorcycle post.

6. Lemur King - April 9, 2011

I’m anxious to see the motorcycle post, too.

Of the two knives, I like the Seal (full frontal, that’s good). About how much does it weigh?

Mitchell - April 9, 2011

Hmm – good question. According to SOG’s website it is 10.3 ounces. So a bit over a half-pound. Overall length is about 12 inches. It’s a pretty beefy chunk of steel.

I meant to get the motorcycle post up yesterday but as y’all have probably guessed by now I’m easily distrac-OOH SHINY!

7. Mitchell - April 9, 2011
8. Lemur King - April 9, 2011

Oooh, damascus! Shiny AND wavey…

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