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Survivalist Pack February 17, 2011

Posted by Mitchell in Bad Times Ahead, Leather, Never Give Up, Never Surrender!.

I read this over at the American Spectator: A Lenny Skutnik Sputnik Moment and thought the author had a very good point about needing to be ready in case of a large-scale emergency. At the end he details the contents of an emergency survival backpack and I’ve decided that I’m going to do this myself.  Do read the article but I’m going to put up the contents of that kit here.

Also, I’ve decided to make my latest SBL bag into a tool bag that I’ll keep in the car.  I already know some of the stuff I wast in there: pliers, (needlenose and regular), screwdrivers, wrenches, duct tape, wire cutter, vice grips.  I’ll look around at Home Deeprot and see what else looks good. Please drop a note into the comments if you think there is something else that would be good to have too in either bag.

• A highly-detailed map of your area and a compass. You may think you know your way around, but the streets you know may be blocked. A map and compass will guide you around those obstacles. Any Boy Scout can show you how to orient the compass to the map and follow it to where you need to go. Don’t rely on cell phone GPS systems which, in a big enough emergency, may not function.
• Waterproof hiking boots, two pairs of socks, lightweight rain gear and a sweater or polar-fleece pullover to stay warm.
• Six or eight protein bars and two liters of water, enough to keep your energy up and keep you hydrated on your hike.
• Two dust-proof painter’s masks which may reduce the effect of a biological or chemical attack.
• A small flashlight and first-aid kit including a stretchable cloth bandage to brace sprains.
• A multi-purpose “leatherman” tool and a 20-foot length of clothesline.
• If your home is more than ten miles from your place of work, you need a poncho or space blanket to hunker down in overnight; and
• If you can carry it legally, a weapon of your choice be it a can of pepper spray or a pistol. (Don’t leave that unsecured in any office even during the day.)



1. Steamboat McGoo - February 18, 2011

Mitchell, something I did a while back is equip my truck with a tool set bought from Lowes. From time to time they have these low-priced variety kits (wrench kit, screwdriver kit, general tool kit, etc)in a heavy plastic case. One of those added to the “other” stuff on the list will save you time and provide compact packaging for some of it. The cases fit nicely under or behind the seat, too.

Fo’ what its worth…

Mitchell - February 18, 2011

I looked at those McGoo, but I’ll put up a new post about my tool kit that addresses this tomorrow.

2. Lemur King - February 18, 2011

I have a portable micropore hand-pump-style filter for drinking water – I think for longer-term issues one of those and a few spare filters would be pretty invaluable.

Handgun… I honestly think I’d rather have a short-barreled 12-gauge or my Win .32 Spl.

Oh hell, carry ’em all.

Fishhooks. Line. A magnesium-rod fire-striker. A folding shovel. A mirror. Dental floss and needles (yes, I’m serious – self-stitching can be done with it in a pinch and it is light and damn useful for lots of other stuff). If you can swing the extra weight, TIGHTLY rolled and taped newspaper, hacksawed into discs and saturated with wax will make the most awesome fire source you ever saw if it turns out your wood supply is sopping wet. (Grew up in Oregon, trust me)

Mitchell - February 18, 2011

Hmm, interesting – very good suggestions LK! I’ll add that stuff to the shopping list. I’m definitely hitting the Army/Navy surplus store tomorrow too.

3. Lemur King - February 18, 2011

Oh yes, stick of chalk and pencil or two… small pad of paper.

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