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Fall of Rome II – The Electric Bugaloo February 10, 2011

Posted by Mitchell in Home.

Winning The Future - We're Doing It Wrong

The Roman Empire is much in my thoughts these days. Just before the proto-Frogs strolled in and started trashing the place I wonder how many of Rome’s citizens really knew how bad things were at the end? Not many would be my guess.

I was talking to one of my co-workers earlier this week. He and his wife have taken their life-savings out of the bank and have it hidden on their property. They’re also buying lots of silver – thousands of dollars worth. I’m going to start doing the same, as well as start stocking up on supplies and survival stuff.

My next gun will be a shotgun. I want this like burning:

That will be very handy in the days to come I think.  I found that over at Barking Moonbat Early Warning System.

Remember when it was illegal to lie to congress? Yeah, me too. 

Related – there’s a bathroom on the right:


1. Lemur King - February 16, 2011

I like the shotgun. Of course if I need more than 5 shots it means that I need more practice or that there are bigger gangs running around. Oh well, we’ll service ’em all if they come into the house.

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