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Times They Are a-Changin’ February 3, 2011

Posted by Mitchell in Bad Times Ahead.

The economy in the Las Vegas area is generally in the toilet and I really don’t see things looking up anytime soon. The organization I work for is heavily dependent on the revenues from the construction industry, particularly housing. That was great when they were throwing up zillions of those things every year, but now not so much. To help with the expenses we’ve gotten rid of most of our contractors, put in a hiring freeze, switched over to a four day / ten hour per day work week, voluntary furlough and whatnot. Right now there are about twice as many empty cubicles as occupied ones in my general area. Last week we got a somewhat enigmatic e-mail from The Wigness of Maximum Bigness that she got together with the other Embiggened Wiggoners and that they have hatched A Plan. Shortly thereafter we got another e-mail from our Large-ish Wigger that there will be a Department meeting scheduled for next week. There are several Divisions within a Department so it’s kind of a big deal when they do these things. They usually last an hour. This week we were notified that it has been expanded to two and a half hours. That’s a really big deal. Today we were notified that the whole she-bang has been moved off-site to another facility. I’ve been here for going on 13 years and this is completely unheard of. Something very, VERY massive is coming down the pipe. At the very least this means some sort of re-organization and consolidation. I’ve already been through a couple of those and they never had any of these theatrics, though. I’m thinking that this means relocation as well. We actually own several of the floors of the building we’re in now and we’ll probably sublet them. This will be a massive cost savings right off the bat if we get moved to an under-utilized area of another facility. I was just talking to a co-worker and he reminded me that we pay something about $93,000 per month just for parking at this building. So there it is. Contraction, compaction and extraction.

Dammit. I like this building.



1. Steamboat McGoo - February 4, 2011

Mitchell – sounds like a mass layoff. 2.5 hours to “talk” to you? Nope. Its 2.5 hours to fill out unemployment forms and bargain for “x weeks pay for y years service”.

I’ve seen something like this before: if they are retaining some employees, they’ll snag ’em by phone the day or night before (or that morning, or at the door of the meeting site, or whatever) and tell ’em to not attend – to come in to the usual work site or sumpin. Or just stay home for the day.

2. Steamboat McGoo - February 4, 2011

BTW: it (off-site mtg) also prevents irritated or vindictive x-employees from “improving” the company computer system, records, etc.

3. Mitchell - February 4, 2011

Some of my coworkers were joking along your lines today McGoo!

Seriously though, I’m in the public sector McGoo, and we’re not into the layoff season yet. We have other gyrations to through first. I talked to a Lesser Wigger later today and he didn’t think that a move was actually in the cards at all. We’re just going to “strengthen” our ties to the folks at the other facility. *Shrugs* We’ll see.

4. Steamboat McGoo - February 4, 2011

You know best about your industry and employer – naturally!

I’m secretly hoping that the Head Wig has finally noticed your worth and industry – and is going to offer you his job, his entire fortune of 62 spazillion Escudos (in gold!), and his 18-year old hot daughter – and her also-hot BGFF!

And his wife’s dog.

5. Nicole - February 4, 2011

Will keep fingers crossed for you, Mitchell!

6. cmblake6 - February 5, 2011

We shall see. As you said, your “public sector” employment minimizes Steamboats thought train. They start firing such as this, get on the radio. Let the rest of the people in the state know. If enough hell gets raised, public dissatisfaction increases and recalls of elected servants occur.

7. Pupster - February 5, 2011

Yikes. Good luck Mitchell.

8. Mitchell - February 8, 2011

Ah, thanks for all the well wishes! Sorry I haven’t been around much lately. We got a bit of a clarification in an e-mail today, and no we’re probably not moving after all. So that’s good.

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