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Christmas Shopping! December 9, 2010

Posted by Mitchell in Home.

I haven’t really even started yet and boy is it coming up fast.  Fortunately my boss let me take today off when I asked him yesterday (a week’s notice is customary).  Unfortunately I don’t know what to get anyone.  I did the scarf for my sister so she’s ok, but I have no idea what to get her husband.  We haven’t hung around much so I don’t know him very well.  Nor do I know what my brother would like.  I sent them both very nice knives last year which went over well, but I can’t do that again.  And then there’s some people at work.  No ideas.  Then there’s the Parental Units – again not a fargin’ clue.  I was going to buy them the S&W revolver, but I got a call from Mom this week and it seems Dad wants to shop for a gun this week!  Suddenly he’s all hot to get one for some reason.  Apparently he’s VERY interested in a Beretta 9mm.  So.

I have a bumper crop of catalogs to go through and hopefully I’ll get some ideas from those.  Of course I’m open for suggestions too.  I’m looking at the 200 dollar range for my brother & brother-in-law, about a grand total for the Parental Units, 20-30 for cow-irkers.  I’m also sending a tip to the ladies who clean my house.  I’ve noted which ones the service sends here and I see the same three names on the sheet they leave behind.  Does $50 each sound good? As the regular readers around here know, I’m certainly no stranger to spending money but I’m not so good at figuring out what other people like.

I remembered that I bought the Parental Units a very nice bottle of champagne last year that they REALLY liked, so I dropped by the store I got it at last year. Alas, they no longer carry it. So I went up another notch and got a bottle of Dom Perignon (vintage 2000). 🙂
In other news, if you’re ever here in the Las Vegas area during the Christmas Holiday season be sure to head over to Ethel M’s cactus gardens one evening.  It really is quite spectacular.

Christmas Cacti!

No, this isn’t my picture. I totally swiped it from the site at that link. My pictures didn’t turn out so well.




1. Mitchell - December 9, 2010

Ok I think I might have found something for the brother-in-law: Luxeed’s LED keyboard. He used to spend quite a bit of time on the computer. I need to call my sister and ask if she thinks he’d like it. Yes, it’s out of stock at ThinkGeek but it’s available elsewhere, that was just a good picture of it.

I’m thinking of one of these for my brother: SBL Travel Case but I dunno. There’s more than a little chance he’ll look at it, think “why did he send me a purse?” and just chuck it into a closet and never use it.

2. Nicole - December 9, 2010

The cactus garden is way cool! Makes me want to get to Vegas over Christmas. Maybe next year. 🙂

Do not waste the art of SBL on someone who might chuck it in a closet, that’s for sure. Go with the keyboard.

Mitchell - December 9, 2010

Yeah, I decided against the bag Nicole. Mom reminded me that my brother likes to fish so I’m sending him a gift card for Bass Pro Shops.

3. LC Aggie Sith - December 10, 2010

Personally, the gift of ammunition is never in bad taste, Mitch, especially for those who acquired handguns. If you gave them knives worthy of displaying, you may consider a display case, too.

For your cow-irkers (hehehe), you may consider gift cards to eating establishments. People sure like to take it easy during the holidays, especially if they have to travel and/ or host family.

As to the cleaning ladies, a tip of $50 is good, but I would also add a small gift to it, to make it a bit more personal. A small box of Godiva chocolates is always nice, and makes them feel pampered, too 😉

4. LC Aggie Sith - December 14, 2010


5. Mitchell - December 14, 2010

Yeah, it’s pretty lame around here. Sorry. WoW is seriously eating into my computer time.

6. LC Aggie Sith - December 14, 2010

Ooooh….change of background!!!

7. Mitchell - December 14, 2010

Yeah, I’m back to the original template with some tweaks. I like it!

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