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Where’s Mitchell? November 29, 2010

Posted by Mitchell in World of Warcraft.

I’m WoWing Again

Yes, sorry I’m very much out of touch with all things blogging lately. Most of my online time is dedicated to advancing new World of Warcraft characters in the Army of Morons guild on the Hellscream server. After giving it up in a puff of “meh” a few months ago I’m now right back into it. Why? Well, a few things.

Firstly, lots of things have been shaking up in Azeroth lately:

Yes, a new expansion pack is coming out in a few days. There have already been world-wide changes across the game recently with The Shattering. And even before this there was at least one major patch update that changed a LOT of the gameplay, mostly for the better I think and the latest has streamlined the questing quite a bit. One of the things that greatly annoyed me about the previous versions were quests that required a lengthy trek out to some distant section, kill some dudes or critters, come back to town to finish the quest only to be given another to go back to that area and kill slightly different versions of the dudes or critters you just killed.  That drove me nuts.  Yea verily much of the game simply consisted of moving your characters around from one area to another.  Another drastic improvement is simply being in the Moron Army guild.  Starting new characters is often a very tedious undertaking, particularly on a new server where you don’t have access to any of the resources you’ve aquired previously.  The other, more advanced players have been extremely helpful in their support of money, materials and most importantly questing assistance for the lower level players.  This makes for a much more enjoyable and considerably less “grindy” experience. 

So if you’ve ever been interested or stopped playing this is a great time to get into it for the first time, or back in the saddle if you’ve been away. 



1. Lipstick - November 29, 2010

Eh? *Lifts ear trumpet*

I don’t understand a word you’re saying, Sonny.

2. Nicole - November 30, 2010

Damn you, Mitchell. I’ve been out far too long. I like not having to log on every night, but you make me miss it. 🙂

3. Mitchell - November 30, 2010

You don’t have to play every night Nicole! Play when you want to. We’re not like some of these asshole guilds where you get kicked out if you haven’t played in a few days, which actually happened to me.

Last night was very cool – a couple 80’s led three of us mid-30 levels through a big section of the Scarlet Monastary and we got almost two levels of xp in little over an hour.

Nicole - November 30, 2010

Oh, I’ve never been in an asshole guild. I mean, I was in guild leadership and my husband was the GM, so maybe it was an asshole guild… 🙂 But we never kicked anyone for not playing.

I have tons of toons I’d need to transfer. I have no interest in starting over, TBH. I have an 80 paladin, shaman, hunter and druid. A mid 70s warrior, a 70 mage and priest (I think)… and some in the mid 40s… I had a problem. 🙂

Nicole - November 30, 2010

Oh, and an 80 warlock. Good gawd I played too much.

4. Mitchell - November 30, 2010

Oh well shut my mouth. I can’t tell you anything then.

Still, you don’t have to transfer ALL of them, Nicole. How about just one? Load him/her up with a bunch of goodies and pop on over! You can teach Us Kids how Things Are Done. 😉

5. Nicole - November 30, 2010

Pft. I’ve had enough of being in charge, thankyewverrahmuch. 🙂 I’ll have to see what the gang thinks around here…

6. Nicole - November 30, 2010

Are y’all Horde or Alliance?

7. Mitchell - December 1, 2010

Alliance. The GM for the Army of Morons originally tried get signers on the Horde side but couldn’t so he switched to Alliance.

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