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Christmas Is Coming! November 12, 2010

Posted by Mitchell in Home.

I thought I’d post a something about some cool present ideas for y’all (because I’m a giver like that).

Here’s a cool knife I came across and you can find it at Uno Alla Volta.  They have other knives and lots of other cool stuff.  Yes they tend on the pricey side, but y’all know me.

In other knifery news – The Blade Shop has a secret sale on Benchmade knives.  You get 10% off if you use this code today or tomorrow:  BRW569.  They have good prices that are generally significantly less than full retail but don’t gouge you on the shipping.  I bought my Gold Class 940 series there last year.

Oh, and I did buy a set of these at Napa Style. There’s lots of other good stuff there too.

They are very well made and are kinda heavy in the hand (which I like). Anybody who receives this set of four will be delighted with them.

That’s it for now! And if y’all have come across things you think I might like to give as presents (I’m done buying for myself for a while) then drop a link in the comments.


1. LC Aggie Sith - November 12, 2010

I have unlined copper mugs for Moscow Mules. Definitely not my drink, but they are heavy and lovely to hold.

Oh, lovely knife 😀

And your presence is required at H&B 😉

2. Nicole - November 13, 2010

Love the look of the tumblers!

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