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Oops I Did It Again November 4, 2010

Posted by Mitchell in Home.

Hi, I’m Mitchell, and I’m a Saddlebackoholic


I have Problems. I’m a Troubled and Tortured Soul who’s only salve is Saddleback Leather bags. I try to convince myself that this is really just preparation for the upcoming collapse of western civilization. When it gets all Road Warrior-y it will be important to have some really well-made bags to carry around my food, water, guns & ammo, and a few other treasured items that remind me of the World-That-Was-Before while searching for other like-minded people where we can band together and set up a semi-permanent encampment in the Wasteland to fend off the raving hoards of now-starving liberals and other scumbags who want to steal all our stuff.

Or something like that.



1. Mitchell - November 4, 2010

Well I like this post.

2. Lipstick - November 4, 2010

Me too!

That’s a fine looking bag. It exudes quality.

3. Lemur King - November 5, 2010

But they are AWESOME bags, man! I use mine every single day. I carry it into the grocery store with me. It goes to work with me. It sits by my desk at night. It goes and sits at the foot of my bed. It can go more places than a dog, it doesn’t much, it doesn’t poop in the yard, it can take a tremendous amount of abuse w/o whining (I closed my truck door on the strap and not a peep).

Awesome bag. Thanks man.

Hey, back on October 10 or so, Aggie said “Knife talk gets me all tittilated” and you said “Ok, folks there’s gonna be a lot more knife-talk around here.”

Or something like that.

How has the butterfly knife been treating you?

4. Nicole - November 5, 2010

Mitchell. Good gawd, man. You need a girlfriend to soak up some of that extra yorling fuel you have lying around, apparently. If I knew anyone suitable I’d send her your way. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) the single folks I know are men. 🙂

5. Mitchell - November 5, 2010

^Well there it is. Nicole put her finger right on it. I need someone else to buy shiny and sparkly things for.

Hey, you’re welcome again LK! As for the knife, I need to practice some more with it. I can do basic open and closes with no problem, but I can’t do the flashy stuff yet. I haven’t bought any new knives. *Looks at bank account* And I won’t be for a while.

Thanks Lipstick! These things are nice. I really need to stop going over there.

6. Lemur King - November 5, 2010

Seriously, it goes in the store with me. Around here, someone would be just right at home smashing in a car door to get a nice piece of leather.

Remember, until you push outside of your limits you’ll never know how far you can go…

(Heard that on Fringe – more or less – and loved the idea. Sums up a lot of my life.)

Steamboat McGoo - November 8, 2010

LK – when I used to water-ski (eons ago) we had a saying that “If you’re not falling down, then you’re not pushing yourself.”

Mitchell & LK – now I know what to get if I lose another kitty. A pet leather bag!

7. LC Aggie Sith - November 8, 2010

What an absolutely yummy bag, Mitch! I’m debating getting one for Hubby’s use while he is in Egypt next year.

Knives?? Did someone mention KNIVES???

*shivers excitedly*

8. Mitchell - November 9, 2010

Aggie, if you do get one, definitely check out the “Dave’s Deals” section. They put up the superficially “defective” and outdated versions of their stock with often significant discounts. They currently have a couple large versions of this bag up there now in the light tobacco coloring. Check often – they sell out quick and there’s lot’s of turnover there.

One note about the four different colors they offer – the light tobacco and darker coffee are just a tad softer on the surface than the chestnut and black. They show wear the easiest, light tobacco particularly. This is all part of developing the rich, “broken in” patina that all good leather eventually gets and I think the light tobacco will develop the most interesting patina of all of them. The chestnut is actually almost glossy right off the bat and shows very little wear. I suspect that it will change the least. The black shows nothing that I’ve seen but I expect that after MANY years of wear it will develop a really rich luster.

LC Aggie Sith - November 9, 2010

Well, seeing as he’s in the Army, I would have to get him a black one, Mitch.

But I shall be on the lookout!!

9. Mitchell - November 9, 2010

*Looks at bank account*
Sadly, there won’t be any new knives around here any time soon.

10. melody - November 11, 2010

I don’t really know what to say, here.

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